Wear It Now, Wear It Later: Pink Pleated Dress

Wear It Now, Wear It Later: JustFab Pleated Dress

Photos by: miysl photo

Do you ever have those FOMO moments where it seems like everyone is having an amazing  time somewhere and you’re just living that #couchlife? That was me this past week with Fashion Week. So many bloggers I follow were there and looked like they were having a blast going to shows, checking out new styles and trends. I spent the week living vicariously though my blogger buds… one of these years I’ll go. 

Speaking of the latest trends, I bought this pink pleated dress from JustFab last month. I love that every month the site is updated with new styles and that most items are just $39.99… sometimes less! I’ve been seeing a lot of pleated skirt styles lately so this dress had to be mine! Keep reading to see how I’m wearing this dress now and how I’ll be wearing it later in the fall>>

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