Review: Drybar x Kopari Lil’ Charcoal Charmers Travel Kit

Review: Drybar x Kopari Lil' Charcoal Charmers Travel Kit | A Good Hue

You guys, I gave myself a black eye last week. No lie– I was kneeling by my desk putting some things under it when I teetered forward and BAM! I basically face planted into the edge of the desk. My under eye immediately bruised and swelled and I’ve been wearing a pound of concealer ever since. 

I was hoping to share my latest Botox cosmetic procedure today but didn’t think an ‘after’ pic with a funky bruised eye would be very appealing.  So, while I wait for that to heal up I wanted to share a great set I came across at ULTA Beauty featuring two of my favorite beauty brands. Drybar and Kopari teamed up for the Lil’ Charcoal Charmers set and it’s one you’ll want to pick up stat– here’s why>>

PS- There’s still time to shop ULTA Beauty’s 21 Days of Beauty Event! I’m sharing my beauty picks below. 

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