My Week on Instagram: Wine, Chia, and Poufs

Was in the market for chia drinks (yes, as in ch-ch-ch-chia!) I came across these two and had never tried Kombucha… interesting stuff! The drink itself wasn’t too bad but had a vinegar-y flavor to it, especially when it warmed up. On the other hand, the Mamma Chia drinks are delicious! If you’ve never tried chia, I recommend starting with the Mamma Chia.

Okay, so I kept coming across these cute knitted poufs from Target’s Threshold line but could not find them in stores. Then (of course) they sold out online. Boo. Lucky me, I came across this cute orange/coral one in the clearance section– marked down to $35! It has a few dirty marks on it, but a quick clean and it should be good. #TargetDoesItAgain

Steve and I went to the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival this past weekend with my parents– we had a great time, tasted some good wine (or in Steve’s case, a lot of Stella!). 

We couldn’t miss the Metal Mulisha moto-x show at the festival– it’s been awhile since I’ve been to one and it’s always fun to watch amazing tricks.

Cutesy picture aside, I found THE cutest shorts at H&M– white with a black tribal print. I topped them off with a cute peachy pink tank (H&M as well) and my beloved mark. fedora. 
What were your favorite moments from this weekend?

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