Meatless Monday: Recipe Suggestions & Links

I was totally planning on having a #MeatlessMonday dinner tonight, but I had made shredded beef tacos this weekend and want to use up the leftovers. I guess it will be Meatless Tuesday this week instead (just doesn’t have the same ring to it!). I try to cook a couple of meatless meals a week, but honestly, I’m not a huge fan of veggies. Celery? No. Squash? Nope. Tofu? Meh. Zuchinni? Maybe if it’s fried and there’s a big ol’ side of ranch dressing to dip it in. Not exactly a healthy meal.
 Luckily for me, with Pinterest and food blogs I follow there are always inspiring food posts and recipes with ingredients I love. Here’s a few I’ve come across lately (a few I’ve even tried!) that are perfect for #MeatlessMonday:
Slow-Cooker Lentil & Bean Chili via Two Peas and Their Pod
Going to make this chili this week, I want to start eating more lentils.

Black beans and sweet potatoes make magic together, jus’ sayin’

This one has become a #MeatlessMonday favorite… quick and easy too!

So good, the avocado ranch is a MUST!

Great to pack for work lunches, too!

Also, I made it as a finalist for WWDMAGIC’s #IWantToBlogAtWWDMAGIC contest! Please, please, please take a moment to vote every 24 hours to keep me in the top 8: VOTE HERE. Thank you!

Do you have any share-worthy #MeatlessMonday meal ideas?

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