Oh, Honey Honey (+DIY Honey Facial Cleanser)

DIY honey cleanser
Sweeten up this spring with honey! Not just to eat, honey has amazing benefits for your skin– including antibacterial properties to help fight acne, antioxidants to help slow the signs of aging, it’s moisturizing so it is great for dry skin and is clarifying to help unclog pores… not to mention it tastes great!
I rounded up a few products that include honey in the ingredients– these are all must-tries, especially the honey sugar scrub and the honey bath. As an extra special treat, I posted details on a DIY honey cleanser recipe below.
As a project for one of my classes at FIDM, we made homemade skincare– this was one of the recipes I used to make a wonderful, gentle honey facial wash:
Honey Facial Cleanser
3 tbsp Honey (you want the ‘runny’ kind, not raw)
2 tbsp Castile Soap (liquid- I use Dr. Bronner’s)
1/2 cup Vegetable Glycerin
Mix the three ingredients in a bowl; pour into container (I use either an empty facial wash container or travel container). Happy washing!

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