Weekend Roundup

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After reading Glossy Blonde‘s post on her 2-year blogiversary (congrats, Niki!) I realized that my blog celebrated its 1st blogiversary this week, too! WOW! I’m proud of my blog growth so far and can’t wait to see where this blog goes in the next year. I hope you’ll all stick around for awhile 🙂
I wasn’t planning on posting today but I’m home alone on a Friday night with not much else to do. So tonight, I’m getting a head start on the weekend with a few can’t miss posts from the week:
The delicious looking (and lightened up!) Ice Cream Cake with Circus Animal Crust from above
Planning an Easter brunch? Offer a DIY Bellini bar
When buying sunglasses, I usually just try on a ton of pairs and get what I think looks good. Did you know there are certain types that flatter certain face shapes? Find yours most flattering sunglasses for your face shape!
My buddy Chelsea Rhane rounds up a few of her favorite charcoal-based facial products. Yes, I said charcoal… check it out!
My favorite part of Easter has to be the deviled eggs. Here’s a twist on the traditional party eggs 
Speaking of eggs, here’s a super easy and cute DIY for polka dot Easter eggs
Don’t miss out on this week’s Easter Four Favorites! If you’re a blogger, join this fun linkup each week.
I promise I’m not an alcoholic, but I can’t resist sharing this yummy sounding recipe for a Lemon Ginger Cocktail
Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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