Good HUES-Day: 5 Lip Colors for Summer

Today I’m rounding up my top 5 lip colors for summer but I have a horrible secret– I haven’t even been wearing ANY lip color lately. I used to be all about lip color and it’s apparent from the cosmetic case I have that’s filled with lip products– glosses, lipsticks, lip stains, lip pencils, you name it! I’ve been super bad about wearing lip products, besides balm, for the past year and have been sticking to one or two nude-pink safe shades when I do wear color. BOOOORRR-RRRING! 
I’m vowing to step it up and start wearing some more color on my lips this summer, especially pretty corals, fuchsias and hot pinks, and peaches– whether it’s a peachy coral lipstick or a sheer nude pink. Hey, I’m not totally going to give up on my safety color– it goes with everything! 
What is your favorite lip product for summer?

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