At-Home Spa Day

Spa Day at Home

The Laundress NO. 247 Scented Candle | Essie Nail Polish: Just Stitched and Blossom Dandy | Zara Home Linen Detail Bathrobe | Uncommon Goods Spa In A Bag | Dermovia Lace Your Face Mask | Spa Water

Sometimes you just need to take a day for yourself but an expensive spa may not be a viable option. Instead, grab out your comfiest bathrobe and give yourself a DIY spa day– complete with detoxing spa water (mix lemon and cucumber slices in water overnight– add some mint to kick it up!), soak in the tube, give yourself a mani/pedi, and relax with a face mask (I highly recommend the above lace face mask– not only is it made with lace but it really helps tighten pores and leaves skin so soft– love!

Have you ever had a DIY spa day? What are your spa day must-haves?


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