Why I Made the Switch to A Makeup Blending Sponge (+ Tips!)

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How-To Use a Makeup Blending Sponge | A Good Hue

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought my first BeautyBlender makeup blending sponge. At $25, it seemed like a pricey investment for a sponge that would be thrown away after a few uses so I put off trying it for years. I’m glad I took the plunge because now I am hooked. Not your typical beauty sponge, the BeautyBlender is a must-have tool for every makeup enthusiast, especially for applying your base.

Right now, there is a beautyblender Makeup Sponge Applicator and Cleansing set available at Nordstrum for just $25. Keep reading on why I’m a true BeautyBlender fan and will not go back to using makeup brushes for my base, along with tips and tricks on using and cleaning your BeautyBlender makeup blending sponge>>

How-To Use a BeautyBlender Makeup Blending Sponge | A Good Hue

BeautyBlender is not your typical makeup blending sponge. They are made with an innovative non-latex material, making the sponge super squishy, especially when wet. You  always want to use the BeautyBlender wet. ALWAYS. To use, simply submerge into a bowl of water or under the faucet and give it a little squeeze to absorb the water and soak it, then squeeze all the excess water out. You can even use a towel or paper towel to squeeze the excess water out. Look how much bigger the wet BeautyBlender (right) is compared to the dry sponge on the left.How-To Use a Makeup Blending Sponge | A Good Hue

Keep Your Sponge Clean! 

With daily use, a sponge can last about 3 months and like your brushes, you want to keep it clean. Simply wet your blending sponge in warm water and rub over the cleanser. If you don’t have the BeautyBlender bar or liquid cleanser, you can also use a gentle face wash or dish soap. To be honest, I find that the hotel bar soaps work amazing– definitely keep the extras from your next trip to use on your blender! My sponge almost looked like new after cleansing!

You can also use a rubber makeup brush scrubbing pad to help get all the excess makeup out of the sponge- it works really well! After rinsing, squeeze out all the excess water. I set my blending sponge on top of it’s original container, or you can set it out somewhere in open air to dry.

How-To Use a Beauty Blender

How-To Use Your Blending Sponge

Now that you know how to properly care and clean your sponge, below are a few tips on using the blending sponge:

First, dampen your blending sponge in water. You can dot your foundation onto your face and then blend out or apply it directly to the sponge. You then want to use the roll and press method so that you’re able to cover your pores and push the foundation and concealer into skin completely and without any brush strokes. This method ensures and even application for an airbrushed-like finish. Use the roll and press method to blend the foundation from the center of your face on out.

How-To Use a Beauty Blender

I’ll then dip my damp blending sponge into loose powder and apply under my eyes, around my nose and t-zone to set my foundation and concealer. The pointed tip is perfect at getting in those nooks and crannies around my nose and getting up under my eyes, and prevents my base from creasing and looking cakey. No one likes a cake face.

How-To Use a Beauty Blender

The end result is an even, smooth and non-cakey almost airbrushed looking application that I can’t quite get with a makeup brush. I like that it gives me a flawless and perfected look with a dewy finish. I like dewy. I’ll even use the bottom part of the blending sponge to blend cream bronzers/contour and blush. While I’ll still use makeup brushes for applying parts of my makeup, I’m pretty sold on using a makeup blending sponge for my base– foundation and concealer.

You can pick up beautyblender Makeup Applicator Sponge and Cleanser Duo that includes one classic sponge applicator and the cleanser for just $25! 

Which do you prefer using, a blending sponge or makeup brushes?


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