Makeup Monday: The Best Beauty Tools & Gadgets

The Best Beauty Tools & Gadgets
A couple weeks ago I came across a Buzzfeed article on beauty gadgets, sparking today’s post. Along with makeup products, our makeup collections and beauty routines just aren’t complete without these tools– they really do contribute to the final look. Today I’m rounding up my top five must-have beauty tools and gadgets, keep reading to find out more>>

The Best Beauty Tools: Acrylic Makeup Organizer
I’ve always been one of those every-thing-has-it’s-place kind of gals– I like my makeup to be easily accessible and I don’t always want it hidden away in a drawer. These Acrylic Makeup Organizers allow me to do just that– I can display my favorite products and easily grab them while putting on my makeup. This drawer and topper version has different compartments for eye shadoes, lipsticks, pencils, and more.. I have another that I keep my palettes and compacts in.
The Best Beauty Tools: Beauty Blender

I wrote a post a couple months ago on making the switch to  beautyblender® and I still stand by that choice, they blend beautifully and are so easy to use. Even though this is technically two tools, I have also been loving the blendercleanser® solid® cleanser. This cleanser bar removes all the product gunk from my blender and is gentle enough to use on my makeup brushes as well. While you could use a gentle shampoo, this is hands down the BEST cleanser I have used on my brushes and blenders.

The Best Beauty Tools: Makeup Brush Scrubber
Along with using the solid cleanser, I have also started using a Letigo Silicone Cosmetic Brush Scrubber. This helps to loosen up all the gunk that gets trapped in my makeup brushes and leaves them so much cleaner than if I just wiped them on a towel. Plus, you can score these scrubbers for under $5– such a great, inexpensive tool!
The Best Beauty Tools: Foreo Issa Toothbrush

It might seem weird to have a toothbrush on my beauty tools list but this one is so much more than a standard toothbrush. Last year I reviewed the Foreo ISSA Toothbrush and I have to say, I am still loving it. I recently bought my first replacement brush head– it last for about a year! The customer service at Foreo is on point– I had an issue with my toothbrush and was able to send it back for a replacement with ease, and super quick as well. These toothbrushes are definitely an investment but you won’t be dissappointed.

The Best Beauty Tools: Olay Pro-X Cleansing Brush

Another beauty tool I reviewed last year that I am still loving is the  Olay Professional Pro-X Cleansing System. It gently exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling soft and super clean. If you’re not ready purchase a more expensive cleansing brush or not even sure if you really need one, I recommend giving this one a try– it’s inexpensive and works really well. You can also buy replacement brush heads.

What are some of your favorite beauty tools? Share!



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