5 Simple, Time-Saving Beauty Hacks & Tips

A Good Hue's Time Saving Beauty Hacks

Even with the holidays being over, it seems like life is being kicked into high gear and it’s go-go-GO! I don’t know about you, but if I can get a shortcut I will gladly take it, and that even goes with my beauty routine. Keep reading for my top timesaving beauty hacks and feel free to share yours in the comments below >>

1. Bold lips are having a major makeup moment and sometimes you’ll find that perfect color but unfortunately the staying power isn’t so perfect. To keep lipstick lasting all day, first apply a lip stain then top with a matte lipstick in a similar shade. Mattes tend to last longer normally, but once it starts wearing off, you’ll still have the lip stain underneath.

2. One of my go-to eye looks is a quick smoky eye, which I can create in just a couple minutes using a kohl eyeliner. I apply a thick line above my upper lashes and using a blending blush, smudge it all over my lid, then smudging some liner on my lower lash line. I then line my eyes as normal and add a couple coats of mascara. Easy peasy!

3. Freshen up on the go with deodorant wipes> My pick are the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes, they are formulated with natural ingredients including coconut milk and kale extract to control odor and protect for hours. Not just for underarms, I’ll wipe these all over for a quick refresh.

4. While I don’t have many, yet (knock on wood!), I know that fine lines around my eyes will be inevitable. If you’re already starting to see these, apply a foundation primer under and around the eyes and even around lips to blur any pesky fine lines. The silicone formula will “blur” the lines and provides a smooth base for foundation and concealer.

5. Unless you’ve been keeping up with your tan, keeping glowing skin during the colder, drier winter months can be a challenge. To keep it looking hydrated and glow, add a drop or two of liquid highlighter into your foundation for that extra. For a more bronzed look, simply mix in drops of liquid bronzer into your foundation then apply.

Have you tried any of these beauty hacks? Tell me!


0 thoughts on “5 Simple, Time-Saving Beauty Hacks & Tips

  1. Nicole

    These are great tips! I've also heard you can use tinted eyeshadow primer on discoloration and spots – it's thinner than regular primers and has more staying power. Whenever I wear dark lipstick, I put it on and then blot it before applying another later. It's similar to your lip stain trick!

  2. Leeann @ Join the Gossip

    I didn't even know that deodorant wipes were a thing. I'll have to check those out. Would be great for travel. And I LOVE the color of the red lipstick you have featured here.

    Do you do you linkup once a month? I was going to join in yesterday 🙂

  3. Jiawun -

    I love a good beauty hack that can help me save time in the morning. I use a kohl eyeliner and then smudge it out when I'm running late, too! I love adding highlighter into my foundation for that healthy summer glow! I've never heard of deodorant wipes though, definitely something to check out. Great tips! x


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