Spring Beauty Trend: Mauve

Mauvelous Makeup: Mauve Beauty Picks

I’m calling it now, I think mauve is going to be one of spring’s hottest beauty trends. In fact, I think it’s already on the cusp of having it’s moment. Mauve is a pretty pale dusty purple-pink shade that can run more lilac to a dusty nude. It’s one of those shades that looks flattering on pretty much every skin tone.  From shadows to blush to lips, mauve is topping my makeup must list. Click below to shop some of my top picks


Have a mauvelous day!


0 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Trend: Mauve

  1. Stephanie Bills

    I couldn't get enough of mauve shades this winter! Some of these I already have tried and loved, but I will definitely be padding out my sephora and ulta shopping carts with some of the others!


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