Citrus Orange Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

Citrus Orange Margarita

Like most, my first experience with tequila was not a good one. At all. I was about 16 or 17 and took a few regrettable shots (most likely in secret, sorry mom!) during a family party. I feel like most people have had an oh-no moment with tequila, right?? To this day I still cannot take a shot of tequila straight, however I will enjoy a good margarita every now and then.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and what better to pair your tacos and nachos with than a yummy, refreshing citrusy orange margarita? A twist on the classic lime margarita, this one has bold citrus flavors with the perfect blend of tart from the citrus and sweetness from the agave. Yum, yum!

Citrus Orange Margarita
1 cup Tequila (preferrably silver- this type of tequila is best for margaritas!)
1/2 cup Orange Juice
1 cup Lime Juice
2-4 tbsp Agave Sweetener (more or less depending on how sweet you want it, I like my margaritas on the sour side)
Orange or Clementine Slices, for garnish
Margarita Salt, for garnish
Mix the first four ingredients in a pitcher and stir. Taste and add more agave sweetener if desired. 
Moisten the rim of the glass with an orange slice and then dip the glass rim into the margarita salt. Add ice to the glass and pour margarita over ice. Garnish with orange slice. ¡Salud!
Note: This recipe would be fantastic with a smoke-infused or  jalapeño-infused tequila for an extra kick!

Citrus Orange Margarita


0 thoughts on “Citrus Orange Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

  1. cupkate

    My first experience with tequila wasn't good either. It tastes like regret.

    Also, I'm allergic to citrus and this is breaking my heart :'(

  2. Elly Leavitt

    lol I'm with you. tequila has been my downfall on many an occasion. BUT THESE LOOK SO GOOD WHAT it may be time to graduate to "real" cocktails instead of just mixers haha x

  3. Fairy Princess Jord

    Haha I have an aversion to straight tequila now too. My college freshman self ruined pretty much all shots for me. This drink however looks delicious and refreshing. I'm going to have to whip this up for a summer party!


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