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A Good Hue Blog New Look

Have you noticed any changes around here? I’ve been a busy little bee this past month transferring A Good Hue to it’s new home at! A Good Hue had previously been hosted on Blogger and I had been toying with the idea of moving to self-hosted WordPress for about a year now and I finally did it.

I have to be honest, since I did it myself I was SO nervous that I would mess something up but the transfer wasn’t too bad, in fact, it went pretty smoothly. There’s a few little things here and there I need some help to update but I’m pretty proud that I was able to figure out how to do it on my own. Yes, I’m totally going to give myself a pat on the back.. or at least a sip of champagne. Cheers!

Since posts have been few and far between, here’s what else I’ve been celebrating lately:

  • Steve and I were in his brother’s wedding this Labor Day weekend- the wedding was beautiful and even though it was miserably hot, I spent the weekend surrounded by some pretty cool people and for a happy reason and I wouldn’t change that for everything. Be sure to check out my latest post on Instagram for some fun wedding pics! Um, and yes, us bridesmaids performed a line dance 😀


  • Another couple we’re friends with announced their pregnancy this summer and I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled for them. They’ve had their fair share of trials and tribulations along the way and I wish them an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Can’t wait to meet the little one!


  • I booked a trip to Key West this fall! I’ll be heading down that way with my family for a little vacay time and my cousin’s wedding. Looking forward to some fun in the sun and sand, relaxation and seeing some family. Fingers crossed there won’t be any hurricanes… sending good vibes to those in Hurricane Irma’s path this week and to all those impacted by Harvey.

What have you been celebrating this week?

But First, Champagne- Just Fab x Betches collab tee


37 thoughts on “ is Now!

  1. Jordyn

    Congratulations on transferring your site. I think it is super impressive you did it all on your own. Key West is going to be a blast, I’ve never been but I would love to someday!

    1. angoodhue Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m so excited to go, I’ve never been either and only been to Florida once for a work event. I hope Irma doesn’t destroy much there :/

  2. the sophia diaries

    that’s so amazing!! congratulations!!! 🙂 and I’m so jealous you got to go to a wedding xD I’ve never been to a wedding before xD

    1. angoodhue Post author

      Really? Just wait until all your friends start getting married at the same time, you may never wish you had gone to a wedding 😀

  3. Brittany

    Congrats on the move 🙂 I would have been really nervous moving it too! I’m so jealous of your trip to Key West! I’ve never been but the photos I’ve seen are amazing. Hopefully Irma doesn’t cause too much damage 🙁 My parents have a place in Naples so we are hoping the town makes it out OK. The devastation with Harvey awful. I’m hoping Florida isn’t a repeat.

    Brittany |

    1. angoodhue Post author

      I’ve never been there either and I’m hoping all is good after Irma… and hopefully no hurricanes while we’re there! I hope your parents place stays safe and no damage – fingers crossed for you!


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