PS by JustFab Try-On Haul + Review

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PS by JustFab Try-On Haul & Review

Imagine having access to a personal stylist who picks out select styles just for you each month for just $20… how amazing would that be? If this sounds like something up your alley, you need to check out PS By JustFab. PS, which stands for personal styling, is a monthly custom-curated styling subscription service from Each PS box is filled with 5 style finds picked by a JustFab stylist to fit your unique style. The style picks are sent directly to you to try on and you’re able to keep any of the items at 20% off the original price. Keep reading to get more details on this new service, plus find out what I received in my box (and if I’m keeping anything!) 

To begin my PS by JustFab service, I signed up through my member account on If you are not a member, you can easily sign up! As mentioned, there is a $20 fee, however if you choose to keep any of the items in the box, you can apply it towards the item…plus you get 20% off anything you keep as well! I then created a profile and filled out a style survey that basically outlins the types of clothes, shoes, and jewelry I typically wear and how I would classify my style. I was also able to add existing JustFab items to my wishlist. I was then paired with a stylist (Qiana) who would be the one to chose the 5 styles in my box. After an hour or so my styles were ready and I was excited to see what my stylist had picked out! 

Most of the items she had picked out were ones I had put on my wishlist, which meant I already know my style pretty well or the stylist was a bit lazy in her picks. One of the items I had already purchased so I’m guessing that my past order history wasn’t taken into thought. Luckily, with PS you are able to switch out the items with other ‘backup’ picks. I switched out a couple and kept one item from my wishlist. 

After submitting the items I wanted to try, I was sent a tracking number. Usually I get my JustFab orders fairly quickly, within a week or less (I’m spoiled since they are based in SoCal as well!), but this particular order took more than a week since it comes from a different fulfillment center. When it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in! JustFab gives you 8 days to try the items, which is plenty of time to try them on and figure out what I want to keep. Here’s what was in my  PS By JustFab box:

JustFab Pink Off-Shoulder Sweatshirt

Off-Shoulder Sweatshirt: I absolutely LOVE the pretty pink color! The sweatshirt itself is soft, but is very thin and oversized– maybe too oversized for my small frame. 

JustFab High Waisted Side-Button Skinny Pants

JustFab High Waisted Side-Button Skinny Pants

High-Waisted Side Button Skinny: These fit tight in the waist but were loose throughout the legs. The button detailing is fun but I don’t think that this style is ‘me’. 

JustFab Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Embroidered Bomber Jacket: The embroidery on this jacket is so pretty! The jacket is made from a mesh-like material and won’t keep me warm on colder days. Then again, I live in SoCal so those days are few and far between. The gold zipper detail is a great added touch.JustFab High-Waisted Jegging    

High-Waisted Jegging: I think these were a good pick– the olive color is perfect for fall! The jeggings are a bit tight, and I’m scared that If I go a size up they won’t fit in the legs and will be too long. I also tried them with the cuff rolled up (below) which looked really cute. Most of the pants in my closet are blue jeans and black pants– I need more options. I may have to try them again before making a final decision.

JustFab Cozy Cadigan with Pockets:

JustFab Cozy Cadigan with Pockets:

Cozy Cadigan with Pockets: This was one of the items on my wishlist that I just had to try! I am loving the gorgeous wine color of this cardi and it’s so cozy and comfy. Plus, it has pockets!

So what did I end up keeping? The cardigan for sure, I love the color for fall and I need a new cardigan! I am also keeping the  bomber jacket, the embroidery detail is just so pretty and I think it will look great over a long-sleeved top. I also kept the high-waisted jeggings– the color is great for fall and I like my pants on the tight side. 

Overall I liked being able to try some items that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked for myself. Even though shipping took a little long compared to my regular JustFab orders, I would definitely try PS by JustFab again… maybe try more styles I wouldn’t normally go for. What do you think, would you ever try a personal shopping service?


27 thoughts on “PS by JustFab Try-On Haul + Review

  1. Tiffany Khyla

    That’s kind of a bummer that most of the items were from your wishlist. For me, I would have liked my stylist to pick something out that I wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to immediately. I love both of the pants you shared. It’s a shame they didn’t fit properly. I’m glad you kept the cardigan. It looks so cozy!

  2. Stephanie

    I think this is the most affordable try-on box I’ve heard of. I’ve heard of a lot of different boxes, but this one seems to send the most clothing for the smallest price, and I think it’s such a neat concept!

  3. Audrey Marie

    I’ve been wanting to try a styling service for a while now; just haven’t been ready to take the plunge! The olive pants and jacket were my favorites! I don’t think that sweatshirt was too big frame either.


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