10 Non-#Basic Date Night Ideas

10 Date Night Ideas for Couples | A Good Hue Can you believe that the last time I was in a movie theater was six years ago? The whole basic dinner-and-a-movie date is just not for me. I’d rather get some amazing takeout and watch a movie from the comfort of my PJs and couch. Sexy, right? Lucky for me I found a guy who is the same way, although we do like having a date night every now and then. Especially if good food, and fun is involved. This week, since Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away, I wanted to share a few date night ideas that are anything but #basic. Keep reading for my 10 ideas for fun dates>>

1. Stay In Bed… All Day

While we haven’t done this in awhile, there’s been lazy weekends were Steve and I would stay in bed all day watching movies. It was so relaxing not having to worry about doing anything for the day and was a great way to spend some quality time together– there were a lot of laughs and only a few fights over the remote. 

2. Visit a Pop-Up or Museum

Grab your beau and head to the latest pop-up or local museum (think, Museum of Ice Cream-esque). It’s a great chance to get some fab pictures and have fun with each other. If there aren’t any neat popups in your area, try a local museum! Many museums offer discounts on certain days or after hours- whats better than date night? Date night on a budget.


Date Night Ideas: Drive-In Movie | A Good Hue

3. Watch a Drive-In Movie

Skip the crowded movie theaters and head to the drive-in instead! These theaters are few and far between these days but there are still some around. Bring blankets and snacks and get cozy for the show in the comfort of your own car.  

4. Get Crafty!

Is there a DIY home project you’ve been meaning to complete? Grab your guy and make a date night out of it! This is a great and fun way to bond with each other and create something special. Here’s a list of some easy date night craft projects


Date Night: Special Dinner at Brio Tuscan Grill, chicken and sweet potato risotto with grapefruit gin smash | A Good Hue

5. Dinner for Two

A good meal with just you and your beau is never overrated, especially if you’re having that meal at Brio Tuscan Grille. Between scrumptious appetizers, hearty entrees and deliciously crafted drinks, you can’t go wrong with a reservation at Brio. 

This year, Brio Tuscan Grille is offering a ‘Love at First Bite’ Valentine’s Day themed menu complete with a sweetheart martini, champagne, lobster and steak entrees and an absolutely mouth-watering molten chocolate cake with raspberry gelato. If you’re a risotto lover, I highly recommend the chicken and sweet potato risotto, or the shrimp and broiled lobster risotto is amazing as well– so buttery and delicious! Brio is definitely taking date night dinner to a whole new level. 

6. Living Room Campout

Grab some sleeping bags and blankets and set up a cozy ‘camp’ spot in the living room next to the fireplace. Bust out a s’mores maker (I received one for Christmas and it is AWESOME) to toast marshmallows and make s’mores. Bonus points if you actually put up a tent… and sleep in it. 

7. Tickets to a Festival

Every now and then I’ll browse on Groupon and Living Social for tickets to a fun festival– like a beerfest, food festival, fair or another local festival that we can both enjoy. This is a good option to do with a group as well! 

 Date Night Idea: Couples Game Night | A Good Hue

8. Couples Game Night

Call up your coupled friends, pour some drinks and set out the munchies and host a game night! Keep it adults-only with fun party games such as Cards Against Humanity, What the Meme and Utter Nonsense. 

9. Pizza Night

Steve rarely cooks with me but we do like to build homemade pizzas together. I’ll set a bunch of toppings out and we can each go nuts with creating our own pizzas– we’ll even make it into a contest to see who’s looks best. If the weather’s nice ,you can even cook the pizzas on the grill! 


Date Night at Brio Tuscan Grille, chocolate molten cake with raspberry gelato | A Good Hue

10. Make a Special Dessert… Together

Skip the boxed chocolates this year and make a special dessert together at home. Try your own molten chocolate lava cake, homemade ice cream or a yummy batch of fudge. If you’re not much of a baker, no shame in heading to your favorite dessert place or restaurant and ordering your fave sweet treat.

Tell me, do you have any special Valentine’s Day plans? Find the perfect last-minute Valentine;s Day gift here! 


10 Non-#Basic Date Night Ideas | A Good Hue



39 thoughts on “10 Non-#Basic Date Night Ideas

  1. Cathy

    So many fun ideas! I haven’t been to a drive-in since college. I wish there were more of them! It’s too bad they are always closing down. That would make such a fun date-love all your date ideas!!


  2. Laila

    Pizza night is always a good idea! I also love the idea of baking dessert together, I guess I ‘m just really into dates that incorporate food haha!

  3. Jordyn

    I love all of your cute date night ideas. I love to have a couple’s game night with wine and yummy snacks. I also like to try cooking new recipes together!

  4. Kyla

    Cute ideas! I didn’t get to do anything on Valentine’s Day because I had food poisoning but I’ll have to save these for later when I’m feeling better!

  5. Nicole Flint

    These are great date night ideas! Especially staying at home. There’s nothing better than that! And I don’t go to the movies that often either. I think it’s overpriced and over rated.


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