What’s In My Bag + The Power of Positivity with Pamprin

Handbag essentials for positivity with Pamprin | A Good Hue


As someone who works full-time, blogs on the side and tries to maintain somewhat of a social life, having so many responsibilities and a mile long to-do list isn’t always easy… and when you’re feeling stressed, it’s definitely not easy to maintain a positive, sunny disposition.Today I wanted to give a peek at a few must-have essentials I keep in my bag at all times that not only help me be a more productive person, but help make me a more positive person.

Keep reading to see what’s in my bag, plus my thoughts on how I stay positive as well as tips for you to keep a positive outlook even when the going gets tough,  brought to you by Pamprin

Handbag essentials for positivity with Pamprin | A Good Hue

1. Phone

It’s no secret that for most of us, our phones are our lifeline and literally keeps us from getting lost. From emails to driving directions to staying connected it’s all there. I try not to be super-glued to it, but if I’m having a tough moment, my phone is there to provide an escape. There’s apps that you can download to help de-stress and even apps to give you positive self-affirmations (more on that later in the post!) and quotes for inspiration. 

2. Beauty Essentials

I’m a sucker for all things beauty and not going to lie, if I don’t feel that I look my best, I feel like I don’t act my best. It’s amazing how fast dry, chapped lips and hands can make you grumpy! I always keep a lip balm and hand cream (right now I am LOVING the Loccitane x Rifle Paper Co. Hand Cream) in my purse. It’s the little things like this that can bring such joy! 

Handbag essentials for positivity with Pamprin | A Good Hue

3. Pamprin

That time of the month is no picnic for any woman, myself included. With so much going on, I don’t have time for any type of negativity– physical and emotional– to enter and bring me down. Pamprin Multi-Symptom, an essential in my bag, not only treats menstrual pain, but all the symptoms including bloating, cramps and irritability. Staying positive during these few days is not always easy, but practicing positive self-care makes such a difference in helping me have a better attitude all-around.

What’s really cool is that in order to promote the power of positive thinking, Pamprin has started a 21-Days of Positivity Challenge to help make positivity a habit. Did you know that on average it takes three weeks to form a habit? The challenge includes a daily playlist on making positivity a habit, including self-affirmations, finding positive company, making a list of everything you’re grateful for, giving yourself encouragement, seeking out positivity, finding what brings you joy and stopping to smell (and give away!) the roses. Repeat these actions over for the next 21 days and you’ll start seeing what a different being more positive and optimistic makes in your life. 

You can find Pamprin Multi-Symptom at Walmart

4. Mints

If you want to exude positivity, you need to make a positive first impression and that’s not exactly easy to do with dragon breath. I keep a pack of mints on hand at all times– you never know when garlic is on the menu and you want to be prepared! 

21 Days to Positivity with Pamprin | A Good Hue

My Top Three Tips for Staying Positive

  • Treat Yourself! If you’re having a bad day, do something that’s going to make you feel better. This might be a new bag or the lipstick you’ve been eye-balling, a yummy treat or your favorite meal. Ain’t no shame in the treat yo’self game, especially when it comes to emotional self care. 


  • Surround yourself with positivity and people who pick you up and support you. There’s nothing worse than being around Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer all the time– their negativity will wear off onto you. Think about steering clear of these toxic friendships. 


  • Give yourself some encouragement! It’s so very true that we are our toughest critics and sometimes we need to give ourselves more credit and encouragement and personally, I’m not always the most optimistic person. You can encourage yourself by starting your day with a couple positive affirmations… it sounds easy, but trust me, getting started is tough! I had never been one for affirmations, but this week I was having a negative moment and started saying a few self-affirmations to myself. You know what? It helped immensely! I was able to get past those negative thoughts and attitude and look at things in a brighter light. Having a tough time getting started with this one? Write your self-affirmations down and tape them to your bathroom mirror to read every day. 

What are some ways that you lead with positivity in your life?

This post is sponsored by PRIMP Network on behalf of Pamprin, all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links in which I earn a small commission.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Good Hue. 


21 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag + The Power of Positivity with Pamprin

  1. Melissa

    The color of your bag is the cutest! Also, being positive is the key at the end. This week haven’t been the best one and I’m trying all the time to motivate myself.

  2. Sara

    Pamprin is my go-to for fighting cramps and bloating and I can really tell a difference in how my clothes fit when I don’t use it during my time of the month!

    xo, Sara

  3. Sarah

    I love your tips for staying positive. i totally relate to working full time, blogging, and trying to have a social life, some times its so hard to not get bogged down.

  4. the sophia diaries

    never heard of this drug before but sounds interesting! i just stick to advil because it basically does everything and i don’t have to carry an extra set of pills with me xD but might have to check it out when i run out of my advil!

  5. Liz

    Ahh thank you so much for this post! It’s been a crazy few weeks and it’s exactly what I needed to hear.


  6. Lulle

    I love colorful purses and yours is so pretty! Your tips to remain positive are great. It’s not always easy, but it’s in those moments when it’s the hardest that positive thinking can help the most.

  7. Rachel

    As much as I hate to, I never let myself feel bad about taking a pain kiler or two during ‘that time’ of the month! I hate staying at home with a heating pad on my stomach, so I’ll do anything to avoid being out of the rat race for a day!


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