Getting My Happy On at Happy Place LA

Happy Place Los Angeles Popup | A Good Hue

Photos by: miysl photography 

If you’re happy and you know it… This past weekend I headed to downtown Los Angeles to visit Happy Place, the latest experiential pop-up (think: Museum of Ice Cream and 29Rooms) with several rooms featuring all things happy. It is a MUST for that perfect Instagrammable selfie-shot! It was impossible to not feel anything but happy when inside Happy Place. 

Keep reading to see more fun pics, as well as a few details on what you can expect inside Happy Place, along with my tips for visiting… but don’t worry, I’m not sharing everything to keep a few surprises for your own visit!

Happy Place Los Angeles Popup | A Good Hue

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

The Happy Place pop-up features a total of 13 rooms, all with different themes. Like, where else can you find a walk-in confetti snow globe and a giant rubber ducky?? 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

The first room we started in featured this larger-than-life pair of yellow heels and a wall of yellow and white gumball machines. We were given some free customized Happy Place M&Ms… yum! We then headed to a room filled with these goofy-looking palm trees. Not a very exciting exhibit, but at least the silly trees make you smile! 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

After that, we headed into the kiss room– how cute is it?? I absolutely loved the red lip couch! 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

My favorite room was the super bloom room– it was so pretty and there were golden flowers everywhere! Plus, how perfect did my dress (similar) match? 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

We then headed into a room with several installations including what I call the disco glam room and the yellow bathtub & yellow rubber ducky room. 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

After jumping into a huge pot of gold happiness (well, balls), the final installation features a large snow globe-like dome filled with confetti. After entering, the attendant will turn on the blower and confetti will start flying everywhere– it’s SO cool! 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

Overall, we had a fun day at Happy Place and I would definitely recommend visiting to get some really cool Insta-snaps and Boomerangs. I didn’t visit Museum of Ice Cream so I can’t really compare the two. There are definitely some areas where the lighting isn’t the best and a couple of dud rooms that I think could have been exhibited better. Before you leave you can browse around the little store at the end to purchase momentos, snacks, ice cream, water and delicious lemonade! 

Happy Place- Los Angeles | A Good Hue

Tips for Visiting Happy Place

  • It is open 7 days a week– weekends are busy & they will move you along faster. If you don’t want to wait in lines, consider going during the week.
  • It is a one-way exhibit and you can only continue forwards and aren’t *supposed to* go backwards to rooms you’ve already been too. Make sure you get all your pics in a room before moving on!
  • In some of the rooms you are only given a certain amount of time (~3 minutes). Have your poses planned out in advance.
  • Be courteous to those taking photos around you or waiting in line next
  • The staff inside are more than happy to take pictures of you… just ask! They know the best angles and shots for each room.
  • Go to the bathroom before you arrive– there are no bathrooms inside (they are located just outside across from the entrance)
  • Definitely get the lemonade at the end ($3) it is so yummy and the money goes to charity! 

If you’ve visited, let me know in the comments what your favorite room was! Happy Place will run in Los Angeles at the Event Deck at L.A. Live now through May 27th. Get more details and tickets at

Pssst… any Chi babes here? Happy Place will be popping up in Chicago this summer! 


13 thoughts on “Getting My Happy On at Happy Place LA

  1. Katey

    What an amazing place!!! So fun and whimsical. How did your outfit match everything so perfect! Every picture is gorgeous.

  2. Natalia Loren

    I grew up in LA and moved away 3 years ago so I’m about 56 miles away from the museum now! I so need to make it there before May 27th! Loved all your pics and of course your dress. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Laura

    I so wish I lived just a little closer to LA so I could visit!! Though this one does seem very similar to the color factory in SF!

    xo, Laura

  4. Dorothy

    Oh gosh! That place definitely earned its name. It looks so fun and I am loving your shots <3 P.S. You dress looks wonderful too 😉


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