Staying Balanced: My Top 5 Favorite Supplements

Top 5 Supplements for Staying Balanced: | A Good Hue

Let’s talk supplements. Pills, powders, drinks, vitamins, enzymes… supplements come in many forms and are to be taken for added dietary nutrition. While our bodies take in a certain amount of vitamins from the foods we eat, everyone’s body is different and absorbs these vitamins and nutrients differently. 

For me, taking supplements is an important part of my diet and wellness journey, along with eatier healthier (gotta eat those veggies!) and drinking water. Here are the five supplements I use on a daily basis to help stay balanced>>

Top 5 Supplements for Staying Balanced: LoveBug Probiotics | A Good Hue

One of the ways I keep my gut in check is with LoveBug Probiotics,  a daily probiotic supplement for digestive health. I’ve been taking these for a year now and since taking them the stomachaches I would get routinely have ceased. I love that they offer several different types with various ingredients and added vitamins. I truly believe that their ‘Colds Suck’ immunity boosting probiotics (with zinc, vitamin C and echinacea) helped me keep from getting sick during the dreaded cold and flu season. They also offer a ‘Yeast is a Beast’ specifically formulated for women’s health that helps ward off yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

You can read more about my journey with LoveBug Probiotics here. 

Top 5 Supplements for Staying Balanced: HUM Nutrition | A Good Hue

Along with my probiotic, I also take a daily vitamin courtesy of HUM Nutrition, which has become the go-to beauty-boosting supplement. I love that they offer a variety of supplements and vitamin blends based on your needs. I am currently taking their most popular supplement, the Red Carpet Skin Hydration Supplement, which helps promote glowing skin and shiny, healthy locks. This vegetarian supplement is high in vitamin E and includes black currant seed oil and sunflower oil. Combined with a regular skincare regimen, I find that my skin has been looking great and my hair does look shinier. 

Also from HUM Nutrition, I’ll sometimes add their Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder to my morning smoothies. This beauty powder contains green superfoods, antioxidants, probitiotics, fiber and more good-for-you ingredients that supports metabolism, increases energy and keeps skin radiant. It has a pleasant mint-chocolate flavor and mixes well with almond milk. 

Top 5 Supplements for Staying Balanced: Vital Proteins | A Good Hue

My latest supplement obsession is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, which is  a powder that can be blended into basically anything. I usually add it to my smoothies, but you can add to coffee or even juice. Collagen helps to support healthy bones, joints, skin, nails and hair. Since starting to take it I’ve noticed that my nails have become so much stronger and I’ve had way more good skin days than bad. 

I’ve been on a matcha kick lately and have been wanting to try their Matcha Collagen. Similar to the collagen peptides, this has matcha green tee added, which has antioxidants and can give a boost of energy.Vital Proteins also has a Lavender Lemon collagen, which sounds like it would be yummy as a lemonade on its own! 

Top 5 Supplements for Staying Balanced: Nutritional Yeast | A Good Hue

I’ve also been adding Trader Joe’s Nutritional Yeast to my smoothies and other recipes as well. Nutritional yeast is high in vitamin B12, which is usually found in meats, eggs and dairy products, and is very popular with vegans and vegetarians. While I’m neither, I don’t eat a lot of meat or dairy so I make sure I’m getting my vitamins and nutrients in other ways. 

It has a nutty almost cheesy flavor but honestly, I don’t even taste it when I mix it into my smoothies. You can use it pretty much in any way you would use a cheese powder– sprinkled over popcorn, on garlic bread,  pasta or even to make a creamy broccoli sauce. Really, you can add to pretty much almost any dish. 

You can find other nutritional yeast options online and in stores. 

Top 5 Supplements for Staying Balanced: Vega Organic Protein & Greens Protein Powder | A Good Hue

I’ve been using the Vega Protein and Greens, a vegan protein powder made from all plant-based ingredients such as kale, broccoli, pea, and spinach powders. Each scoop serves up 20g of protein and 0g of sugar. They also offer this powder in different flavors– tropical, berry, chocolate, vanilla, etc. to suit different tastes.

I will add a scoop of protein powder to my morning smoothies for a dose of am protein, but this works in shakes, pancakes, protein balls, cookies, almost anything! 

Have you tried any of these supplements? Let me know what your fave supplements are in the comments below! 





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  1. Mollie

    I need to start taking more supplements. I’ve SUCH great things about those collagen peptides. I need to give them a try!

    xx Mollie


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