Review: DERMA E Natural Skincare

Review: Natural Skincare with Derma E: | A Good Hue

On my quest for finding the best natural skincare brands, I wanted to share one with you that I have been loving lately. Most of the products I have tried from DERMA E have been nothing short of amazing. I love that the brand uses naturally-based and often times organic ingredients in their formulations… and they’ve been doing some amazing things to my skin as well. 

All DERMA E products are cruelty-free, gluten-free and packaging is 100& recyclable.  The brand also gives back by supporting organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Heal the Bay, Vitamin Angels and more. I think it’s so important  for brands to be environmentally friendly and purposeful and hope that others start following in this direction as well. Since it’s inception in 1984, DERMA E has been passionate about providing quality skincare with wholesome natural ingredients that promote healthy skin. Keep reading for the skinny on my fave products from DERMA E>> 

Review: Natural Skincare with Derma E: Rose Cleansing Oil | A Good Hue


I’m going to kick it off with my most favorite product from DERMA E, their Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil. This oil does an excellent job at removing my makeup– I swimply apply it to my face then remove using a damn washcloth or cotton round. It has argan and jojoba oil along with vitamin E so it leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. While my skin is on the dry side, if you have oily skin you can use this as well. Plus, it has a soft floral rosy scent. Definitely two thumbs up from me. 

Review: Natural Skincare with Derma E: Organic Argan Oil Blend | A Good Hue


Speaking of oils, I have also been loving the DERMA E Organic Argan Oil Blend, which only contains 100% plant-based oils including argan, jojoba kukui oils. You can apply this ti the face, hands, nails, hair… basically anywhere and everywhere that you need an extra dose of hydration. These oils have anti-aging skin benefits and helps to fortify hair (it gives it a pretty sheen too!) and conditions nails as well. I love that it absorbs quickly— no one wants to feel or look like a greaseball– and is great to use morning or as a nighttime treatment (my preference). I simply apply this to clean skin at night so it can work it’s magic all night long. 

Review: Natural Skincare with Derma E: Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water | A Good Hue


Micellar water cleansers have been all the rage for the past couple years and for good reason– this water is infused with micelles, these teeny tiny molecules that attract dirt and oil so they are able to cleanse the skin really well, without drying it out. You can use it as a cleanser, toner and/or makeup remover, the latter of which I prefer. I find that micellar water takes off my makeup easily, without leaving my skin feeling dry. If I’m not using a wipe or the cleansing oil, I’m usually reaching for this Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water from DERMA E. 

To carve out it’s own space within the vast micellar water selection, this particular one is infused with vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps produce collagen and protect the skin from free radical damage. This micellar water also contains Rooibos (yes, as in the tea!) and anti-aging probiotics. Definitely not your average micellar water and definitely one that needs a spot on your beauty shelf. 

Review: Natural Skincare with Derma E: Vitamin E Lavender & Nerol Sheai Body Lotion | A Good Hue


Another product from DERMA E I have been loving lately is the Vitamin E Lavender Neroli Body Lotion. This lotion is created with a high level of vitamin E to offer skin some deep hydration and nourishment. The lotion is made with a blend of shea butter, olive and cranberry seed oils to intensely moisturize skin but without leaving it with a yucky greasy feeling. Oh, and it smells. SO. DARN. GOOD. The soft blend of natural lavender and neroli oils offers a moment of tranquility as I rub this lotion over my body. It’s hydrating, relaxing and leaves my skin feeling super soft, moisturized and smooth. 

Have you tried this line? Let me know what your faves are! You can shop DERMA E in-stores and online at ULTA Beauty and other retailers OR shop all these products directly below>>

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