Travel Beauty Tips for the Gal On-the-Go

Travel Beauty Tips for the Gal On-the-Go | A Good Hue

To be completely honest, I’m not the best at packing. I always bring too much clothes, too many shoes and random things I don’t end up using. Heck, I even pack some extra hangers! When it comes to my beauty stash, however, my packing skills are on. point. Today I’m sharing my top travel beauty tips, including what you NEED to pack and why multi-taskers are #life. Keep reading for my beauty vacation packing tips and tricks>>

Travel Beauty Tips for the Gal On-the-Go | A Good HueStay Organized

First and foremost, a good cosmetic case is an absolute must. I used to use a couple different pouches to put all my makeup in when traveling but recently started using a (super cute!) cosmetic case from Vera Bradley (c/o). I love that it is double-sided– with a separate compartment for brushes and then a larger side for cosmetics. The inside has pockets to put liners, mascaras and lip products which keeps everything nice and organized. This case fits nicely into my carry-on and keeps all my makeup products organized.


Unless you have very specific needs, limit the amount of liquids you travel with by taking advantage of the shower gel, soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner provided by the hotel. For my face wash and must-need liquid items, I try to use the travel size. If a travel-sized in your fave product isn’t sold, buy empty containers and make your own. TSA can be super strict about the size of the liquids your carrying onto the plane.

Be sure to put all liquids in a plastic bag, even if not traveling by air. You don’t want your clothes covered in leaky shower gel when you arrive to your destination. I also try to conserve space in my liquids bag, especially when traveling by air. If you can, use a facial cleansing stick or bring makeup wipes to wash your face with. Another tip, you know those free perfume samples you get with your Sephora order or from the fragrance counter? Leave your full-size perfume bottle at home and bring the sample vials instead!

Multitasking Beauty

I love my makeup and having plenty of options for creating looks so it can be really hard for me to edit down my selections when preparing for travel. I tend to ask myself three questions when packing:

1. Do I really NEED it?
2. Will I absolutely die if it breaks/shatters/gets lost en route?
3. Is there something better that can be used in its place with multiple uses?

Multi-taskers are my musts when packing makeup for a trip. All-in-one palettes that have eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, etc. are the best because I don’t have to take each individual product and thereby saving room. Cream blushes that can also double as lip products (or vice versa) work great for traveling and a CC cream with a high SPF is a must.


The air inside planes is the absolute worst and it always dries out my skin. If your skin is on the drier side, apply a thick moisturizer (I love this one) before boarding and give skin a good spritz of a refreshing face mist.

Keep lip balm and hand cream handy so you can apply throughout the trip. Also, it’s important to not only moisturize the outside of your body but to keep the inside hydrated when traveling as well. Sure, it might mean more trips to the bathroom, but your skin will thank you.

Do you have any travel beauty tips? What are your favorite beauty products to travel with? Share in the comments!


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  1. Stephanie

    I definitely love having palettes that can be used multiple ways! I’ve been traveling with just 2 palettes, my base makeup, and my skincare routine lately and saving so much space!


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