Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon

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Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue

Let’s be real– is there really anything better than an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll? Only if it’s from Cinnabon that is!  For the past couple months I have been on a major Cinnabon kick and TBH, it’s a craving I don’t mind. Steve and I headed to our local Cinnabon this past weekend for a delicious midday treat to satisfy our sweet tooth’s. As you can see, we went ALL out. 

Continue reading to find out why (do you really need much convincing??) Cinnabon needs to be your must-stop spot for a midday pick-me-up treat >> 

Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue

Growing up, Cinnabon was always (and still is, TBH) a must for me whenever going to the mall. It’s just so hard to resist that decadent sweetly cinnamon scent that you can smell before even approaching the bakery and the warm, yummy freshly baked rolls. When you’re having a downer day and need a pick-me-up, you can always count on Cinnabon to do the trick. Or if your sweet tooth kicks in, right? 

Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue

My go-to treat is the Classic Roll (extra frosting, of course!) There’s just nothing like biting into the warm dough laced with an ooey cinnamon & brown sugar filling and topped with that rich, cream cheese frosting. Just thinking of biting into the super soft and saucy center of the roll is making my mouth water! 

All about #centeroftheroll? You can order a batch of bite-sized Center of The Roll pieces. How perfect is that?

 For the doughnut fiends, you can indulge in the doughy treats with CinnaSweets! These mini donuts are rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of frosting for dipping. The perfect treat for on-the-go or to share with a group! 

Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue

So much sweetness needs some coffee to go with it, such as a refreshing caffeinated cold brew or the insanely yummy MochaLatta Chill

Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue

Churro lovers rejoice! Cinnabon recently launched the Churro Swirl and Churro Frosting Sandwich– a heaping helping of frosting sandwiched between two Churro Swirls that are drenched in the signature cinnamon sugar. If this doesn’t put your sweet tooth into high gear, I don’t know what else will! It’s an unbelievably yummy churro creation and helloooo, one word: Frosting! Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon | A Good Hue

Luckily I have a bakery just up the street from me but you can find Cinnabon locations all over the country. I especially love grabbing a roll when I’m at the airport waiting for my flight or when I’m trekking around the mall. 

When was the last time you visited Cinnabon? Hurry in and treat yo self today! 


13 thoughts on “Midday Pick-Me-Up Treats with Cinnabon

  1. Candace

    The classic cinnamon roll is my favorite but that churro swirl is heavenly!! Cinnabon is my designated Fall spot lol It’s just perfect, cozy, warm and sweet. All that I need to enjoy Fall and Winter. Can’t wait to grab a churro swirl and enjoy it a cup of coffee!


  2. Sarah Lennon

    I love Cinnabon! When I was a little girl I used to tell my parents I wanted to work at Cinnabon when I grew up! I always loved watching them make Cinnabons (and of course loved eating them!)


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