Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan

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I realized the other day that I haven’t ever featured two special someones in my life– my cat, Scooter, and my (very large!) dog, Georgia. With having two very different breeds, each pet comes with their own very different and specific needs, especially where nutrition is concerned. Both my pets, a cat and a dog are fed Purina®, which provides quality formulas that focus on specific dietary needs for both cats and dogs. 

Backed by 85+ years of Purina® research, the  Pro Plan® line was actually the first dry dog food brand with real meat as the #1 ingredient. Good stuff, right? Keep reading to learn why Purina® Pro Plan® is so important to each of my very unique pets. 

The Cat’s Meow

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

Scooter is a 4-year old spirited & extremely intelligent kitty who, in all honesty, drives me absolutely crazy sometimes. Other times, he’s curled up, sleeping against me– he loves a good cuddle! We took him in years ago as a 4-month old stray when Steve brought him home from work one day– he was crazy right from the start! This cat would literally (and still does!) bounce off the walls. He gets into EVERYTHING– no cupboard is safe– but he’s incredibly friendly and will actually come to greet us at the door when we get home. 

For cats, Purina® provides a range of wet and dry formulas that work together to address specific nutritional needs, such as Purina® Pro Plan® FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Adult Cat Food – Chicken & Rice. Cats, especially male cats, can be susceptible to urinary infections and issues so I’ve been feeding Scooter this food for years to help support his urinary tract function. 

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

As an indoor cat, I want him to have a long and healthy life so it’s important to feed him a food that will help support him and his needs. I like that the first ingredient in the dry food is real meat– in this case, it’s chicken. This particular food helps him to maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium. Along with dry food, I also give him the wet food in this line, which I shop for at PetSmart– my go-to spot for everything pet related. 

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

Puppy Love

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

My dog, Georgia, is a four year old German Shepherd that we adopted from an animal shelter early last year. She is incredibly spoiled– she sleeps on our bed every night– and loves to be spooned and cuddled. Her and Scooter and bff’s and keep each other entertained when we’re not home. She’s a super sweet girl and loves making human friends but is very *choosy* with her dog friends. 

Being a large breed, Georgia has her own set of dietary needs. I have to be careful with the foods I feed her as many can cause her to have an upset stomach. No table scraps for Georgia! Purina® Pro Plan® provides the perfect formula for her needs: Purina® Pro Plan® FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dog Food is formulated with key nutrients to support specific nutritional needs based on life stage, lifestyle, breed size or other unique needs– such as Georgia’s sensitive stomach. I’m able to shop for both wet and dry foods in this formula at my local PetSmart. 

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

Like Scooter, Georgia gets both wet and dry foods. She likes when I mix some of her wet food (I use the large breed formula or sensitive skin & stomach varieties) into her dry food along with some water. It’s so funny how pets can be so picky on how they eat their food! 

Putting a Focus on Pet Health with Purina Pro Plan | A Good Hue

I always head to PetSmart for food and anything and everything pet related. I know I will be able to find exactly what I’m looking for, have a variety of options whether it’s toys or treats, and I love that I’m able to take my pet in store and shop with me! Georgia loves going on car rides and being able to shop with me at PetSmart– sometimes I’ll even let her pick out a toy!

I also like being able to support PetSmart Charities when I shop and always make a donation with my purchases. Donations go towards finding forever homes for pets in need by working with adoption centers, emergency relief programs and spay/neuter clinics. 

Get a $10 PetSmart gift card when you spend $40 on Purina® Pro Plan®. (Make purchases from 10/15/18 –11/24/18. Upload receipt by 12/1/18.) The Offer will be fulfilled within 8–10 weeks from the submission date. Learn more about this offer here. 

Do you have pets? Tell me about them in the comments below! 


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