Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra

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Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra | A Good Hue

Growing up I had always wanted big boobs. I loved the look of a full chest and kept my fingers crossed as I hit my teens that I would become “well endowed”. Well, that didn’t happen. Not at all. Not even close. 

I would be lying if I said thoughts of a boob job never crossed my mind but overall I’m fine with what the good Lord gave me. Honestly, hearing complaints from the more endowed ladies, I’m actually kind of glad I ended up small chested. Although depending on what I’m wearing, I would like to have more cleavage every now and then, especially when wearing a strapless dress. Nothing wrong with a little boost, amiright ladies? Luckily this is where Upbra® comes in. Upbra is a push up bra that’s unlike any other lifting bra you’ve tried. Keep reading to find out what makes this cleavage-enhancing bra so special >> 

Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra | A Good Hue

For an A-cupper, there’s basically no such thing as cleavage, unless we create our own. I’ve done the double-bra trick, the chicken cutlets, padded bras, cleavage contouring, you name it just to get some sort of cleavage. When I first heard of Upbra I was intrigued and had hopes that this would be the answer to my nonexistent cleavage woes. 

Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra | A Good Hue

Upbra was kind enough to provide me with the Upbra® Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra in nude and black and also included a set of straps for days I don’t want to go strapless. What makes Upbra unlike any other bra is that it has an ActiveLift technology in the bra cups with cleavage-control straps that can be adjusted in order to bring your breasts closer together to create cleavage. You simply hook the straps into the locking strip along the bottom of the bra– so easy! The bra itself stays in the same place so the overall look is more natural. 

Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra | A Good Hue

Isn’t the heart design on the cups cute? What’s neat is that these specially formulated vinyl hearts actually help to grip your girls to help them stay in place. 

Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra | A Good Hue

In terms of sizing, I typically wear a 34A however had to send it back because I had too much gaping and it didn’t fit right. I ended up going down a size to a 32A and used with a band extender and it fit perfectly. You want to make sure that your Upbra is comfortable and fits correctly– both in the band and the cups with no gaping cups. 

I love that Upbra is comfortable and even when wearing strapless, it stays in place. The company makes a few other bras as well, including a convertible bra and t-shirt bra. I totally want to try Upbra® Bikini swim top next! 

Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra | A Good Hue

Is UpBra worth it? I can only speak for the small-chested and I say YES! I’ve never had a bra that gave this natural looking lift… or a strapless bra that I don’t have to constantly adjust (anyone else do the awkward bra shimmy?) The bra is comfortable to wear all day long as well. 

Ready to take your cleavage to the next level? You can shop for your very own Upbra here. Use code AMUPBRA10D for $10 off your purchase. Happy lifting!


11 thoughts on “Uplifted with UpBra Cleavage Enhancing Bra

  1. Em

    ok this is great! I have a small chest and I was SO self conscious of it for the longest time – love that things like this are around now!!

  2. Laura

    Sounds like you found a winner!! I definitely had the same problem before having my son. Now I have the opposite problem and look for bras that will keep me looking lifted.

    xo, Laura


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