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Fave Indie Beauty Skincare | A Good Hue

One of my most favorite things about having a blog is being able to discover new beauty and share those finds with you. For the past couple years, skincare has become a major focus not only on the blog but in my life as well. I’m on a constant mission for products that hydrate, brighten, tighten, provide a glow and keep my skin looking and feeling healthy. 

This week I’m sharing a few skincare items that I’ve currently been using and wanted to share. The awesome thing is that these are from indie or smaller brands that you may not have even heard of. Here’s the latest skincare I’ve been loving lately>>

Fave Indie Beauty Skincare: Rose & Abbot Custom Moisturizer | A Good Hue

Rose & Abbot is doing something unlike most (if not all) skincare brands by offering custom, naturally-based skin care based on your needs and preferences. The all-natural skin brand offers an algorithm-based skin quiz to create a custom product that is perfect just for you. The quiz covers skin type, concerns and even asks preferences on scents and ingredients.

I am SO impressed with my custom moisturizer (c/o)– it hydrates my normal-dry skin and has the most amazing rose scent. I love that it absorbs quickly without leaving a funky, greasy feeling and keeps my skin feeling moisturized ALL day long. All the ingredients are naturally-based and vegan, using botanicals and natural scents. You can see all the ingredients they use in their products here.  If you’re a skin care junkie, I highly recommend taking the quiz (it only takes two minutes!) to get your custom moisturizer! 

Fave Indie Beauty Skincare: TONYMOLY Panda's Dream Rose Hyaluronic Face Cream  | A Good Hue

Okay, first of all– how adorable is this packaging?? The TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Rose Hyaluronic Face Cream is a gel cream moisturizer with a wonderful rose scent. This K-beauty wonder is super lightweight & is very hydrating and is packed full of good-for-skin ingredients such as rose water, which helps to calm the skin and reduces redness, rose hip extract, which brightens skin, and is packed with antioxidants from hibiscus flower, raspberry, bilberry and gooseberry extracts.

Fave Indie Beauty Skincare: TONYMOLY Panda's Dream Rose Hyaluronic Face Cream  | A Good Hue

Being a gel, the texture is very interesting and unique– it has a light, watery feel to it. I typically prefer thicker cream moisturizers but this one is great when I want something a little different. I’ve only used it a couple times so I’ll have to use it for an extended period. 

Fave Indie Beauty Skincare: Derma E Eye Lift & Peptide Moisturizer  | A Good Hue

I discovered skincare brand DERMA E last year and have been hooked since! Derma E is also a natural skincare brand packed with botanical ingredients, peptides, vitamins and more skin goodness. Lately I’ve been trying out the Skin Restore Advanced Peptides & Collagen Moisturizer, which helps to soften and smooth out the skin. The formula contains antioxidants, including vitamin c and green tea, to hydrate skin and promote collagen health. Nice, right? 

I’ve also been using the Firming DMAE Eye Lift to help firm the delicate skin around my eyes– you can never start antiaging routines too early, right? While I don’t have many wrinkles (yet!), I am all about the preventative care. This eye cream packs DMAE, which is a skin-firming nutrient clinically proven to boost collagen for firmer, more resilient skin. It also contains goji berry, hyaluronic acid, and advanced peptides. The eye cream feels moisturizing and hydrating– this area of the face can often be very sensitive but I haven’t had any adverse reactions. Love this! 

Fave Indie Beauty Skincare: Kopari Coconut Face Cream and Facial Toner  | A Good Hue

Many times before I commit to full-size, I’ll purchase gift sets that let me try several products from a brand before I commit to full-size. One brand that I’ve been trying… and loving… is Kopari. The products from the Kopari set that have been the most standout to me is the Coconut Rose Toner and the Coconut Face Cream.

The alcohol-free toner provides a refreshing and rosy mist of hydration and also, since it contains rose extract, it keeps redness down. I use it after cleansing my face to remove any excess dirt or makeup while giving my skin a dose of hydration. For even MORE hydration, I apply the face cream, which is super lightweight but also richly moisturizes. Aside from coconut, the face cream also has antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish skin. 

Have you tried any new skincare lately? Tell me about it! 

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11 thoughts on “Fave Indie Beauty Skincare

  1. Laura

    I absolutely love Kopari products! It’s the only ones that I’ve tried on your list. Will definitely keep the others in mind when I’m running low and need some new products to try!

    xo, Laura

  2. steph

    You have made me want to check out this brand! I do not ever get sick of trying new beauty products especially when they have a good review!



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