$100 vs. $25 Facial Night Cream- Which Is Better?

$100 vs. $25 Night Cream... Which is Better? | A Good Hue

Let’s talk skincare. And not just any skincare– facial night cream. Do you have a nighttime skincare regimen– cleanse, prep, and moisturize? Or are you more of a maybe wash your face before passing out on the couch watching Netflix type? I used to be the latter– always going to bed without washing my makeup off. 

For the last couple years I have been been putting a bigger focus on my skin and how I treat it. While my skincare routine isn’t perfect it has come a long way from not cleaning my face before going to bed. Not only do I remove my makeup every night, I’ve also been using a nighttime cream to help hydrate my skin overnight. I’m sharing my review on two facial night creams I have been using… one that costs $100 and another that is $25. Which one is better? Read on to find out>> 

  $100 vs. $25 Night Cream... Which is Better? | A Good Hue

My nighttime skincare routine always begins with me removing my makeup. Even if I don’t wash my face with a cleanser, I ALWAYS use a wipe to gently remove all my makeup. If I’m wearing eye makeup, I use a gentle, creamy eye makeup remover to remove any residue. 

 Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen Review | A Good Hue

Next, since my skin is on the dry side, I apply a facial oil or night cream. Night creams tend to be thicker and more luxe feeling than a day cream to really help hydrate skin overnight. I recently started using Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen, a night cream made with a high concentration of vegan plant collagen. 

This cream is very thick with a butter-like texture but without the greasiness. After warming between my fingers, I apply over my entire face and down my neck. Aside from the vegan plant collagen, this cream is packed with alguronic acid (a regenerative compound produced by micro-algae), which minimized fine lines and wrinkles; and skin-mimicking ceramides and mary thistle plant to hydrate skin. Along with the good-for-skin formula, the cream is vegan and paraben-free. 

Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen Review | A Good Hue

At $98, this Algenist night cream is definitely on the pricier side. While I don’t think I could continually spend that much on a face cream every few months, I do know that I’ve been waking up to extremely moisturized skin and that it looks and feels smoother. 

Derma E Hydrating Night Cream Review | A Good Hue

If $98 is too rich for your blood, another good night cream option is the Derma E Hydrating Night Cream. This nighttime moisturizer has hyaluronic acid, which is excellent at hydrating and smoothing the skin. This cream is not as thick as the Algenist cream, however it does feel lmore substantial than an everyday moisturizer. I love that it’s not greasy and feels really nice on my skin. Plus, it will only set you back $25 and is a solid budget-friendly, cruelty-free, paraben-free night cream option.

Derma E Hydrating Eye Cream Review | A Good Hue

As I grow older, preventive care has become a bigger focus. I’ve been applying the Derma E Hydrating Eye Crème around my eye area to fend off fine lines. Also formulated with hyaluronic acid, this eye cream is vegan and cruelty-free and  also includes antioxidant-filled green tea, moisturizing Jojoba oil and nourishing vitamins A, C and E. I simply apply a small amount to my ring finger, then gently dab around my eye area. 

Tell me about your nighttime skincare routine & the night cream you use in the comments below! 


6 thoughts on “$100 vs. $25 Facial Night Cream- Which Is Better?

  1. Rachel

    Both of these moisturizers sound amazing! My skin is super sensitive to new products so I’m always hesitant to try new ones so I’ve been sticking with Khiel’s as of late. Definitely adding these to my list when I’m feeling a bit more adventurous!


  2. Lee

    Great post! Im right there with you on wanting to focus on prevention of aging lines, so I need to try the Derma E Hydrating Eye Crème! Currently I use the TULA night cream and adore it, but need to focus on an eye cream and add in a serum i think!

  3. Lindsay

    I’ve been using the Algenist cream also and feel the same! It feels great on my skin but I don’t think I’d spend that much all the time. I’ll have to try the Dermae option!


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