Review: Pixi Beauty Rose-Infused Skintreats

Review: Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skintreats | A Good Hue

Take time to stop and smell the roses… well, with the Pixi Beauty rose-infused Skintreats collection you can, literally. I am a total sucker for rose-infused beauty items and it’s an ingredient that’s always been a shining star in the beauty world. Whether in perfumes, bath & body products or even in skincare, it’s an ingredient that helps to minimize redness, hydrate the skin and even soothes irritation. It gives products that extra something-something and I am 100% here for it. 

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Pixi Beauty’s rose-infused Skintreats collection– what’s a must, what’s a dud and what you absolutely cannot live without! Continue reading to learn more about this rosy collection and why you need to be adding some of these to your own skincare routine… 

Review: Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skintreats | A Good Hue

A few days ago, a Pixi Beauty travel bag showed up on my doorstep. The bag was jam-packed with every rose-infused Skintreat. This is one of my favorite collections from Pixi Beauty as I absolutely love rose-infused beauty items.

The products in this collection contain rosewater, which is great for calming the skin and minimizing redness, or rose oil, which offers nourishing properties for the skin. All the products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. 

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Review: Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skintreats | A Good Hue

Rose Cream Cleanser | When I received this package, this was one of the products I was most looking forward to trying. It did not disappoint. My skin is on the sensitive side and this cleanser, which is infused with rose, avocado, aloe vera and chamomile to gently cleanse and soothe skin.  The cleanser is super creamy and luxe feeling and leaves my skin feeling moisturized, not dry and tight. 100% I would re-purchase. 

Rose Caviar Essence | One of my favorites from this collection, this serum contains encapsulated flower oils that melt into skin to keep it hydrated and smooth.  I typically apply this to clean skin before I apply moisturizer and it helps to keep my skin feeling hydrated all day. Plus it has a nice, soft rosy scent. 

Rose Ceramide Cream | A new launch from Pixi, this rose flower oil and ceramide infused cream is a godsend. It’s intensely moisturizing, which is perfect for someone like myself with dry skin, and smells heavenly. Basically ceramides help skin to retain moisture and this cream does that well. While the cream is fairly rich, it isn’t greasy at all and is very lightweight. I highly recommend this moisturizing cream! 

Rose Flash Balm | This is the only product in the collection that I’m not in love with. It is  a 3-in-1: a moisturizer, a facial mask and a primer. To me, it had a strange feel on my skin that I was not a fan of and I didn’t find it to be all that moisturizing. 

Makeup Melting Cleansing Wipes | I am however, a huge fan of makeup wipes. I especially love using wipes for travel (I’ve already tucked these into my travel bag!) and will use them when I’m super lazy to take my makeup off. 

Review: Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skintreats | A Good Hue

Makeup Fixing Mist |  I love that this makeup setting spray is infused with rose water and green tea, which helps to calm and balance my skin. While this may not be my absolute favorite setting spray, I do use it from time to time to set my makeup & give my skin an extra dose of hydration.

Rose Oil Blend | This facial oil is one of my most favorite Pixi Beauty products– I’m obsessed! The blend contains a mix of  sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils leaving my skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. I typically apply this just before bed to clean skin– this way the oils can work their magic overnight. It has a soft rosy floral scent which helps relax me before beddy bye time. 

Rose Tonic | It’s hard to beat Pixi’s Glow Tonic but this lil guy comes very close. Formulated using rosewater, this toner helps to pull any impurities, dirt and oil from skin that regular cleansing may have missed. I love that it feels ultra calming to the skin.. plus it smells SO good! 

Rose Glow Mist | Another new favorite, it’s all I can do to keep from spritzing myself with this mist all day long! This dual-phase (water and oil mix) mist contains seven flower oils, including rose oil, along with argan and avocado oils. I absolutely love how refreshing and hydrating it feels on my skin.. plus it works to set my makeup! If you’ve been wanting to try a rose facial mist but heftier price tags have been keeping you away, than this one is a must at just $15! 

Review: Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skintreats | A Good Hue

Next time you’re in Target, I definitely recommend  you head to the beauty section and pick up a few of these to try… you won’t regret it! 

Have you tried Pixi Beauty’s rose collection? Tell me your fave products in the comments below! 

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I received product courtesy of Pixi Beauty for review purposes; all opinions are my own, no monetary compensation has been provided. This post contains affiliate links in which I make a small commission. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Good Hue! 

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  1. Laura

    I’ve never tried Pixi beauty products but I am just in love with their packaging!! Thanks so much for sharing your review. I will definitely be picking up some next time I’m at Target…and let’s be real that will be later today! 😉

    xo, Laura

  2. Taylor Aube

    So many pretty Pixi products! got this package too and I love their entire rose collection. I’m also super excited about the shower caddy! This makeup brand is so good.


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