The Best Natural Deodorant

The Best Natural Deodorant | A Good Hue

Will it keep me from sweating?

Will it cover body odor?

It’s been three days, I don’t think it’s working!

If you have been thinking of making the switch from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant… or maybe you already have… these may be a few thoughts lurking around in your head. Natural deodorant popularity has been on the rise for the last couple of years, with clean beauty experts and the like denouncing the side effects of aluminum, which is commonly found in antiperspirants. Aluminum is the ingredient that stops sweat from flowing from your sweat ducts under your arms. There has been research that suggests the aluminum, being that it is applied and absorbed near the breasts, can contribute to the development of breast cancer. 

While this research is inconclusive, many have opted for the all-natural route and using deodorants with simplified ingredients. For the last several months, I wanted to put four popular natural deodorant brands to the test and see which natural deodorants actually work along with a few tips I picked up along the way to make natural deodorant work for you. Please remember, I am not an expert and am just sharing my personal experience with each of these products. Continue reading>>

I will start by saying that I do not sweat much normally, unless I do a hard work out, and typically don’t ever notice any BO. In fact, before testing these outs I would often forget to apply deodorant—whoops! For this post and review purposes, I did try to test these evenly in my same everyday settings and wear the deodorants EVERY day. I even tested them all by wearing a certain shirt that often gives me sweaty pits—I call it the ‘sweaty pit shirt’!

The Best Natural Deodorant | A Good Hue

But First… Detox

I tested each of these deodorants for a month to give ample time to figure out if it was working for me or not. If you’ve recently made the switch from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant and don’t think it’s working for you—you probably just need to give it more time. Along with a good underarm detox. Since your sweat glands had been blocked by the aluminum in the antiperspirant, you will probably be experiencing more sweating and you probably will be thinking your natural deodorant isn’t working.  

Why You Should Be Detoxing Your Underarms | A Good HueTo help detox my underarms, I applied a body mask with activated charcoal to my underarm area and left on for several minutes. I have also used a charcoal cleansing stick and face mask to detox as well. Charcoal has natural detoxifying properties that help draw toxins out of the body. Between each test subject, I detoxed my underarms. 

The Natural Buzz

The Best Natural Deodorant: Schmidt's | A Good Hue

The first deodorant I tried was Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla. I had seen a lot of buzz about this deodorant online and couldn’t wait to try it out. This deodorant is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates, which is great. I really like the scent– it’s soft and floral. 

Sadly for me, this one didn’t hold up. While it was fine for minimal activities, it didn’t hold up through workouts or with the sweaty pit shirt and I noticed it left yellow pit stains on a couple of my lighter shirts. It would leave chunks of white on my skin and when wearing darker tops, I had to be careful to not get deodorant stains on the shirt. 

The Best Natural Deodorant: Native Deodorant | A Good Hue

Native Deodorant is another natural deodorant that is aluminum-free and is made of coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter and even includes probiotics. The impressive ingredients list and the fact that Native is based in San Francisco (Cali representing!) was what drew me to this brand. 

Native offer both scented and unscented versions for men and women I chose the Lavender Rose scent– two of my favorite scents together in one! I absolutely love the scent, so much so that I had to get the body wash as well. I was really hoping this was going to be “the one”– it held up through my Orangetheory workouts, through travel and stressful work days but it didn’t hold up to my sweaty pit shirt. 

If you sweat minimally or prefer a solid stick, I would recommend this deodorant. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and this one may actually work out perfectly for you. I will actually still wear this one… just not with the sweaty pit shirt. 

Mineral Salt Deodorant  

The Best Natural Deodorant: Crystal Mineral Deodorant | A Good Hue

I also tried out Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick, which is just pure mineral salt. The founder of Crystal was on a trip to France in the ’80s and was introduced to a manufactured product made of mineral salts & is used purifies water thus discovering that it also protects skin from odor-causing bacteria and can be used as a deodorant. It’s all-natural, gentle, hypoallergenic and free from aluminum and other harsh ingredients. 

Before using this deodorant, the company suggested to detox my underarms for the best results. To use, I just moistened the tip with water prior to application. It glides on smoothly and applies clear, not leaving any residue on clothing or funky white patches under my arm. 

The Best Natural Deodorant: Crystal Mineral Deodorant | A Good Hue

Crystal held up really well– even with the sweaty pit shirt! I did have one day where my underarms felt extra sweaty but didn’t notice any strong body odor. The only con with this deodorant is that it moves around loosely in the packaging. It’s also fairly heavy– double the weight of the other deodorants– and is not ideal for using on-the-go. I definitely recommend giving this one a try, especially if you’ve unsuccessfully tried other natural deodorants.

Coconut Oil Deodorant

The Best Natural Deodorant: Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant | A Good Hue

 So which natural deodorant made the top of my list? Kopari Coconut Deodorant. This coconut oil-based deodorant is aluminum-free and baking soda-free. It has a light coconut-milk scent and applies clear. 

This one hit all my musts– kept the pitties dry, absorbed smell and didn’t cause me to sweat. It held up through workouts, the sweaty pit shirt and stress. I love how easily it glides on and how fresh it keeps me all day long. 

The Best Natural Deodorant: Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant | A Good Hue

After trying these out, I’ll be sticking to my new natural deodorant routine. Would you make the switch to natural deodorant? 

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22 thoughts on “The Best Natural Deodorant

  1. Stephanie

    This seems to be such a popular trend lately. I haven’t made the switch yet, but I’ve been considering it. Thanks for sharing these picks!

  2. theeyetraveler

    I love these suggestions! Personally, I’m all about natural products that’s not only good for our bodies but also sustainable for the environment. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Danielle

    I’ve been seeing such a push for natural deodorant lately, making me want to learn more..this was super helpful! I feel like I most often hear about Native + Kopari 🙂

    xx, Danielle

  4. Laura

    I’ve tried natural deodorant before and wasn’t pleased with how my skin felt. I appreciate all these suggestions. Maybe I’ll give it another try!

    xo, Laura

  5. Aditi Wardhan Singh

    It is serendipitous that I see your post because just yesterday we had a conversation about natural deodrants. This guide is great. I think I knew as I read that the coconut oil one would work the best. My mil says she has been using that forever and wroks wonders but I could never trust that. Glad to know.

  6. Deborah

    So this is going to sound weird but most East Asians and almost all Koreans have a gene that doesn’t produce the bacteria that creates underarm odor so I’ve never used deodorant in my life (google it – it’s weird!) BUT I do believe in natural products so I’ll definitely be sending this post around to my friends who do need deodorant! 🙂

  7. ashley hargrove

    I have been wanting to try a good natural deodorant! I’ve heard so many great things about Native and Kopari!

  8. Marlene

    I’ve had a post planned on this as well. I agree, it takes getting used to! I’ve been using Crystal for about 6 months now and LOVE it but also hear great things about Kopari. Did not like Native at all.


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