Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

I have dry scalp. There, I said it I admit it. For the last few months I had been noticing some white flakes near my hair roots– not a lot but enough for me to want to do something about it. I can’t stand dandruff shampoos as they have an awful smell and leave my hair feeling coarse. Thankfully, Kristin Ess launched her new scalp collection at Target at the beginning of the year. Keep reading for my review on three of the products in the line and if they’ve been keeping the flakes away>>

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

Earlier this year Kristin Ess launched her scalp collection at Target with five products in the line: a shampoo, scalp scrub, scalp and hair mask, bubble mask and scalp and hair milk oil. I picked up the first three to try on my dry scalp. My hair is naturally fine and is on the dry side– I can go several days without washing it before it starts looking greasy. The dry winter weather coupled with having hard water however makes my hair incredibly dry leaving my scalp with flakes. Here’s my thoughts on each of the products I’ve tried: 

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

I love a good scrub and had NO idea scalp scrubs even existed before trying this scrub. This scalp scrub is sugar-based and feels similar to body scrub. I like that it has a pointed tip which allows me to  use the tip to apply the scrub directly to my scalp. After wetting my hair, I apply this scrub and then massage it into my scalp to exfoliate dry skin and remove any product buildup. I like that the scrub is gentle and since it is sugar-based it rinses out easily so I don’t have any leftover chunks or pieces left in my hair. 

Overall I like this scrub and have been using it every other week, although I think I might step it up to once a week. For me, this product is a take it or leave it. The scrub does help to exfoliate but I could just as easily give my scalp a good scrubbing while washing my hair. 

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo

After using the scrub, I’ll shampoo my hair with the micellar shampoo. I am a fan of micellar cleansers so I was super excited to see that technology in a shampoo! This shampoo cleanses the hair really well as the micellars are able to pull out dirt, oils and product buildup that may be left on my hair, without removing the moisture my dry hair needs. The shampoo also comes with a pointed tip so you can apply it directly to the scalp and it lathers nicely. The shampoo is sulfate-free so it’s safe to use on color-treated hair. 

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

Weightless Hydration Daily Scalp + Hair Mask

 After using the scalp scrub and micellar shampoo, I then apply the scalp + hair mask and let it set for a few minutes. Hair masks are typically great for fighting against dandruff as they help to deeply condition the hair. This one does just that! It has natural minerals and botanical oils that rebalance the scalp and while also smoothing and conditioning hair cuticles. While this hair mask is thick and luxe feeling, it’s actually gentle enough for daily use! 

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

Review: Kristin Ess Scalp Collection | A Good Hue

So, have these products helped with my dry scalp issue?  Yes! While I do still see some flakes here and there, I have definitely noticed less of them. My scalp hasn’t feel as itchy and irritated as it had been either. If you’ve been experiencing dryness I highly recommend giving this line a try.The scalp mask makes my hair feel amazing! 

Also, I think this line would be great for hair that gets oily easily as well, especially the micellar shampoo. The line is gentle for those with sensitive scalps  and can be found in-store and online at Target. 

Do you suffer from dry scalp? 


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  1. Tina

    I am definety going to give this a try. I scalp gets itchy now and then from the dryness. Thank you for all the information and I’m glad you let us know it’s sulfiate-free.


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