Skincare Review: Fourth Ray Beauty

Fourth Ray Beauty Skincare Review| A Good Hue

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because just a few short weeks ago I found out that makeup  brand Colourpop has a sister skincare brand called Fourth Ray Beauty. I knew I had to get my hands on some of the products to try them out and share with you. Keep reading to learn more about this brand and op skin care picks>> 

Fourth Ray Beauty Take Me With You Set  A Good Hue

According to the website, Fourth Ray Beauty is a reference to the fourth ray of light which represents beauty or harmony. This cruelty-free line features clean beauty products by using natural ingredients that won’t harm the skin. 

I wanted to try a good mix of the products so I ordered a couple sets of minis so I could try a variety of products. The Take Me With You travel kit  includes four mini products and a cute clear travel pouch. BFD Cleansing Oil is designed to easily and gently remove makeup and dirt from skin. Since my skin is on the drier side, I like using the oil to cleanse as I don’t feel that it strips away and leaves my skin feeling super dry and tight. 

Since these days it’s all about the #doublecleanse, the set also comes with the AM To the PM Gel Cleanser, a gentle daily face wash. This cleanser isn’t drying to my skin, but still leaves it feeling fresh and clean. My skin is on the sensitive side and neither cleanser irritated my skin. 

Once I’ve finished cleansing, I like to use toner to to pick up any missed dirt or makeup and to balance my skin. The Keep Clear Clarifying Tonic includes a blend of papaya enzymes, ginseng and witch hazel to clarify and balance the skin. I especially like using this on problem area, such as blemishes and acne. 

Lastly, the kit includes The Lightweight Hydrator, a super light moisturizer. Since my skin is on the dry side, I need a heavier moisturizer but I think this would be good for normal or combo skin types. I do like that it absorbs into skin easily (great when applied with a rose quartz or jade roller!) and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.

Fourth Ray Beauty Keep It Calm Set | A Good Hue

I also picked up the Keep It Calm Soothing & Calming Trio, which three products to soothe irritated skin. The set includes Mellow Milk Mist, a refreshing facial mist with white tea and oat milk to help soothe skin. 

The set also includes the Rose Face Milk, a milky silky mix of argan milk, rose milk, oat and chamomile. It’s super lightweight but feels AMAZING on skin. This is probably my most favorite product of all the ones I’ve tried. 

Skin Hero Face Oil is a nourishing face oil with strawberry seed oils, argan oil and baobob oil, which is rich in antioxidants. At first I wasn’t much of a fan of this oil but as I started using it more I really started liking it. It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated without feeling greasy or causing breakouts. My skin feels soft and smooth! If you love facial oils, Fourth Ray Beauty offers several including Rose Hip Oil, Maracuja Oil, Tsubaki Oil, Marula Oil and more. 

Fourth Ray Beauty Matcha Face Milk| A Good Hue

When I saw the Matcha Face Milk, I knew I had to try it as well! This face milk includes not only matcha but rice milk, kale and white tea and feels SO nice on skin. Between this and the Rose Face Milk, I am in face milk heaven. It’s lightweight and gives my skin a refreshing feeling!

Fourth Ray Beauty Skincare Review| A Good Hue

So what are my top Fourth Ray Beauty picks? Definitely both Rose and Matcha Face Milks, the Skin Hero Oil and the BFD Oil Cleanser. If you try anything from the line, I definitely recommend picking those up and giving them a try. Or, do what I did and go for the mini sets— it’s a great way to try out new beauty before committing to full-size products.

To me, this line is best for those starting out with skincare (maybe early college age?) or those looking to make the switch to products that incorporate more natural ingredients in them. However, I think there is something for everyone at any age. Overall I am impressed and I can’t wait to try out more skincare from this line! 

Have you tried anything from this line? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Helena Marz

    Omg no I never heard of these products! Wow they all sound awesome especially the cleansing oil and face milk! It’s what I definitely need for my dry skin! Thanks for this information! ❤️

  2. Miranda Hicks

    I like the Roller ones and frankly speaking I have never Heard about these products but still, I want to try this one.Many Thanks for sharing this!!
    I would like to try this rose one also.


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