My Spring Skincare Routine with m/f People

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My Spring Skincare Routine with m/f People | A Good Hue

This past winter has been especially harsh on my skin—my skin has been drier than usual, dull and in very much need of some TLC. I felt that my spring skincare routine clearly needed a boost. Lucky for me—well, for my skin—I had the opportunity to try some products from m/f people. This minimalist lifestyle brand promotes calmness with clean, functional designs and quality back-to-basics skin products.

In fact, the brand prides itself on offering “the highest quality, being passionate about minimalism, and bringing a sense of calm, visually and to your senses.” I’m a sucker for good packaging and one of the things I like most about this brand is the simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing & totally functional packaging. m/f people is increasingly becoming a favorite among men and women with their gender-neutral aesthetic.

I also love that the #notsobasic skincare line is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and incorporates a variety of good-for-skin ingredients without the fillers. You can be sure that skin is being nourished with high-quality ingredients and products. Continue reading to see how I’m incorporating m/f people skincare products into my spring skincare routine >> 

Review: m/f people Super Scrub Face | A Good Hue

After a super dry winter, my skin needs a good scrub! The m/f people Super Scrub Face is an exfoliating polish that removes dead skin cells and smoothes out dry skin patches. I’ve been using this at least once a week to gently scrub my face to reveal smoother and softer skin. 

The scrub is comprised of super fine aluminum oxide crystal particles to softly exfoliate, along with antioxidant-rich red tea extract, hydrating squalene and jojoba seed oil to help balance your skin’s natural oils. 

Review: m/f people Super Scrub Face | A Good Hue

The super unique thing about this super scrub is that it has a dry, super-fine crystalized texture unlike any scrub I’ve ever tried. I simply pour a small amount into my hand and then mix with a little water and it starts to lather. I’ve been having a dry skin / breakout issue on my chin and was actually surprised with how gentle the scrub is– because it was in a dry form I thought it was going to be too abrasive on my sensitive skin but it felt amazing and left my skin feeling clean, soft and still hydrated. 

Review: m/f people Charcoal Face Mask | A Good Hue

The next product I incorporated into my spring skincare routine is the m/f people Charcoal Mask. I’m no stranger to skincare with charcoal and couldn’t wait to try this mask out!  When used on the skin, charcoal helps to detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin to remove dirt and impurities. Aside from charcoal, the mask also includes kaolin clay, which absorbs oils, and bentonite which reduces inflammation, something I am prone to by having sensitive skin. 

Review: m/f people Charcoal Face Mask | A Good Hue

The Charcoal Mask is super easy to apply– just dip your fingers into the mask (it’s SO soft and creamy!) and spread a thin layer on your face. Leave on for about 10 minutes and then rinse off. 

While wearing the mask, it dried and tightened but it did not dry into a pasty chalk. I liked that it left my skin feeling very pure.

Review: m/f people Charcoal Face Mask | A Good Hue

This mask is especially great for those with large pores and oilier skin– since my pores are on the tight side and my skin is on the drier side, I had my fiancé Steve try this mask out as well since he has more oily/combination skin. He told me he liked how smooth his skin felt after using it and that his skin felt ‘super clean.’ 

Spring Skincare Routine: m/f people Hyaluronic Face Cream | A Good Hue

To make sure my skin stays hydrated all day long, I’ve been applying the m/f people Hyaluronic Face Cream, which contains– you guessed it– hyaluronic acid. While HA sounds kind of scary, it actually has some amazing anti-aging and hydrating properties for skin! It works to plump the skin making it look more supple and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Who doesn’t want that?!?

Spring Skincare Routine: m/f people Hyaluronic Face Cream | A Good Hue

Along with hyaluronic acid, this moisturizer also boasts apricot kernal oil, squalene and jojoba seed oil, another great skin antioxidant! The face cream has a super soft ‘clean’ barely-there scent– very light and fresh. 

Spring Skincare Routine: m/f people Hyaluronic Face Cream | A Good Hue

Spring Skincare Routine: m/f people Hyaluronic Face Cream for hydrated, moisturized skin | A Good Hue

I found that this face cream is perfect for daytime use– it’s moisturizing without being too thick and blends nicely into skin. My quartz roller worked wonderfully to massage the cream all over my face and the cream left my skin feeling hydrated and gave a beautiful, dewy glow!

Steve tried this face cream as well and he liked that it wasn’t greasy and was a solid “everyday moisturizer.” In guy speak, that’s definitely a good thing! 

My Spring Skincare Routine with m/f People | A Good Hue

If you’re looking for a minimalistic skincare brand with super-skin ingredients to add to your spring skincare routine, I highly recommend m/f people and the products I shared above. I would love to try more from this brand including the Transformational Oil, a multi-use oil/ facial serum, the Vitamin Recovery Mask and Night Cream. 

You can shop all these products at

How are you stepping up your spring skincare routine? Share in the comments below! 

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  1. Jennifer Prince

    That looks like such a great brand! And I am a big fan of packaging that is clear and minimalistic. Sounds like I need to test it out!

  2. AM

    I have never heard of this company but it looks so good! I’m all about pretty packaging too and this stuff gets me, haha. That face scrub is calling my name!

  3. Tina

    Sounds great and I have big pores and combination skin. I’m going to have to try these products. I could puff up my wrinkles also


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