CLOVE & HALLOW Makeup Review

CLOVE & HALLOW Makeup Review | A Good Hue

When it comes to clean beauty, it can be a challenge to find products with standout ingredient lists that don’t sacrifice performance and color-payoff. One brand I recently started using that checks off both is CLOVE & HALLOW. The line offers clean, cruelty-free and vegan makeup products that boasts impressive formulas and performance. 

In fact, the brand has a Clean15™ Guarantee,” meaning that each product uses naturally-based ingredients and safe synthetics– no cheap filler, parabens, synthetic fragrances or other not-so-good-for-you ingredients. 

This week I’m sharing an everyday look using some of CLOVE & HALLOW’s most popular products. Keep reading to see more>> 

CLOVE & HALLOW Liquid Skin Tint | A Good Hue

I start my look by applying the CLOVE & HALLOW Liquid Skin Tint to my entire face. The skin tint is lightweight and gives a medium coverage. I like that it’s not as heavy as a foundation but still offers a good amount of coverage for any redness and blemishes I may have.

I usually apply the skin tint with my fingers and use a damp blending sponge to blend in to my face. It dries down to a semi-matte finish. 

 CLOVE & HALLOW Makeup Review | A Good Hue After foundation, I like to lightly apply the Pressed Mineral Foundation to my t-zone, which tends to get a bit shiny throughout the day. You can certainly wear this powder on it’s own as it offers a medium coverage. 

What I especially love about this is that the compact is refillable! It cuts down on packaging waste and is a practice I wish more brands would follow. 

To add some glow, I apply highlighter in ‘Galaxy’  to the tops of my cheekbones. This is a liquid luminizing serum with hyaluronic acid & meadowform oil. It can be added into the liquid skin tint to give it more of a luminous, dewy finish. I love how silky it feels and usually just apply it with my fingertips for a pretty glow. 

CLOVE & HALLOW FlexLash Mascara | A Good Hue

FlexLash Mascara Review | A Good Hue

CLOVE & HALLOW recently launched their FlexLash Mascara, that’s buildable from light definition to thicker drama. I love a good volumizing mascara and love that the formula has coconut oil to help nourish lashes. 

CLOVE & HALLOW FlexLash Mascara | A Good Hue

I’m picky when it comes to mascara and have been so impressed with this one! I love the tapered wand and the fact that I can build up this mascara without it clumping. It can be reaaaaallllllly hard to find a high-performing, clean mascara but CLOVE & HALLOW has nailed it with this one. 

CLOVE & HALLOW Makeup Review | A Good Hue

Overall I’ve been very impressed with this line! While at the Indie Beauty Expo back in August, I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah, CLOVE & HALLOW’s founder & makeup artist. I also had the chance to check out some of their other products including the beautiful Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette (gorgeous, pigmented shades!) and lip products. This is one line I definitely want more of! 

Have you tried CLOVE & HALLOW makeup products?  


22 thoughts on “CLOVE & HALLOW Makeup Review

  1. Brooke

    I have never heard of this brand of makeup before. I’m always on the lookout for clean beauty products and I will have to try some products out from this brand!

  2. Stephanie

    It seems more and more companies are going clean and I love that. I’ve yet to find one that suits my typical makeup preferences, but this sounds like a brand I’ll definitely need to look into even more. Your skin looks great!

    1. Amanda @ A Good Hue Post author

      I agree– finding high performing brands with clean ingredients is a struggle, but it is definitely becoming more of a trend as consumers are looking for products with higher quality, safe ingredients. I def recommend checking this brand out, I’ve been very impressed so far!

  3. Kristen

    I really need to check this out because I love a Pressed Mineral Foundation for my T zone. I can get so oily and this really helps to set my makeup well.

  4. Jennifer Prince

    I have never heard of this brand before. I adore the name! And I am SOOOOO into clean beauty – this is a perfect line.

  5. sharon wu

    you look beautiful babe! i’m in the market for a new mascara soon, so I will definitely check this brand out. thanks for sharing!


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