Comfortable & Chic Thanksgiving Outfit

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Comfortable & Chic Thanksgiving Outfit | A Good Hue

Sweater (on sale!) | Leggings | Boots | Hat (similar) | Sunglasses

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Um, what?!? I feel like I’m just now getting into the fall groove yet it will soon be Christmas. By fall groove, I mean that the weather has finally gotten cooler– we even had our first snow in our SoCal mountains. I can break out all my cute sweaters! With turkey day looming, I wanted to share a super comfortable yet still chic-looking Thanksgiving outfit that has major fall vibes.

JustFab Pom Pom Sweater | A Good HueSweater Weather Fall Outfit | A Good Hue

Fall Outfit: JustFab Pom Pom Sweater | A Good Hue

Thanksgiving Outfit: JustFab Sweater & Calia Leggings

Fall Outfit Inspiration | A Good Hue Blog

Fall Style: Thanksgiving Outfit | A Good Hue Fall Outfit: Calia Shine Leggings and JustFab Sweater | A Good Hue

Fall Trend: Rust Pom Pom Sweater | A Good Hue

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration: JustFab Sweater & Calia Shine Leggings | A Good Hue

Sweater (on sale!) | Leggings | Boots | Hat (similar) | Sunglasses

Now that I have my Thanksgiving outfit ready, let’s chat Thanksgiving foods– I am all about the sweet potato casserole and the green bean casserole! Here’s some more Thanksgiving This or That fun:

Roasted Turkey or Fried Turkey… I don’t eat much of the turkey so I’m good with either. Or even none– it’s all about those sides!

Macy’s Parade or Football Game… Parade for sure! 

Stuffing or Dressing… Dressing! This year I’m planning to make a sausage sage dressing- yum yum! 

Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie… Pumpkin always! 

Black Friday or Cyber Monday… Cyber Monday– I’m either not home or too lazy Friday to go to the stores. 

Cook or Clean… Cook– I hate cleaning! 

Cranberry Sauce or Jellied Cranberries… No canned cranberries for me, ick! 

Gizzard gravy or stock gravy… I’ll pass on the gizzards 😀 

Mashed Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes… So hard, I love both but I can’t go without the sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving! 

What are some of your Thanksgiving food faves and traditions? Spill in the comments! 

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5 thoughts on “Comfortable & Chic Thanksgiving Outfit

  1. Stephanie

    I think my favorite part of this post was the Thanksgiving “this or that” and our answers lined up almost perfectly! Although for me, I pass on turkey because I’m allergic and also say yes to sweet potatoes because again… allergic (yep, to white potatoes). Ah I hope you have a fun Thanksgiving!

  2. Candace Hampton

    This is such a lovely outfit for Thanksgiving! I also like pumpkin spice better.

    I prefer doing my shopping on Cyber Monday. Black Friday can get kinda crazy!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!<3

  3. Jennette

    Hats look so cute on you! I’ll leave them to the professionals. Do these pants breathe well? I run warm blooded!


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