Book Review: The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr

 This post is sponsored by on behalf of Harper Collins.Book Review: The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr | A Good Hue  Not one to hold out, I am just going to start this review by saying that The Country Guesthouse  is the perfect winter read. In fact, I loved getting cozy and curling up each evening to read! This is the newest novel (just released last week!) from Robyn Carr, a #1 New York Times bestselling author. Carr is the author who wrote the Virgin River series, which is now on Netflix… anyone else watching this? She is a favorite author of one of my online book groups so I was excited to finally delve into one of her books. 

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The Country Guesthouse is part of the Sullivan’s Crossing series, which takes place in a charming mountain town in Colorado. The beautiful settings described in the book make me want to book a trip to Colorado stat! 

The Country Guesthouse, Robyn Carr Review | A Good Hue

The story starts with Hannah, who is on a work team-building retreat in a small town in the Colorado Rockies. After some distasteful behavior from her male colleagues, Hannah ends up leaving early. She wants to someday come back to Sullivan’s Crossing and to the gorgeous lakefront guesthouse the company had rented. She comes home to Minneapolis early to find her fiancé in bed with her assistant… eeeks! After the breakup, Hannah books a trip back to the town in Colorado to clear her head and ready herself for a fresh start.

Shortly before her trip, her bff Erin passes away suddenly from complications with pneumonia, leaving behind her 5-year-old little boy Noah. Erin’s will names Hannah as Noah’s guardian per a promise Erin and Hannah made to each other back in college. Erin, not close with her family, knows Hannah would be best parent for Noah, who has health issues. Hannah wants to do the best she can for Noah although she’s uncertain in her newfound role as mother. 

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After the funeral, Hannah decides to keep her vacation plans in Sullivan’s Crossing, in hopes that it will be a good bonding experience for them. The home she rented to stay in is a beautiful house right on the lake and is owned by Owen, a  handsome yet somewhat hermit photographer who is usually off traveling the world and struggling with his own grief. Owen has a clumsy yet lovable Great Dane named Romeo that Noah falls in love with. The trio get to know each other and spend their days swimming, hiking, and taking in all the town has to offer. 

Hannah starts developing feelings for Owen but he hasn’t shown her anything other than friendship. She decides to leave it at that as she doesn’t want complications. By the time Hannah and Noah go to leave town, Owen confesses his true feelings to Hannah and they decide to stay for the remainder of the summer. Their bliss is short-lived as Noah’s grandmother, Victoria, comes out of woodwork to challenge Hannah’s guardianship. Hannah and Owen decide to move in together to give their new relationship a chance. However, while packing up Hannah’s house back in Minneapolis, Erin’s estranged, problematic brother shows up putting the new couple on edge once more. 

Back in Sullivan’s Crossing, Hannah begins to realize all is not what it seems. Victoria starts showing up at Noah’s school unannounced causing Hannah to be distrustful of her intentions with Noah. In fact, she  believe Victoria is just after his inheritance. The town comes together in support of Hannah, Owen and Noah as they fight to keep their newfound family together. 

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As a reader, I appreciated that the story moved quickly and had an interesting and engaging plot line. The Country Guesthouse is a sweet story with a touch of romance, fun & relatable characters and yet also touches on real-life situations and challenges. 

This book is filled with so many charming  and endearing characters. One of my favorite characters in The Country Guesthouse was Sheila, Owen’s ex-wife. She is so supportive of Owen and warm to Hannah. I also loved that she was such a strong woman, considering the heartbreaking grief she had experienced in her life. Another favorite character is Helen, a local mystery author who is extremely sharp and witty. She’s a main character in another Sullivan’s Crossing novel– I totally want to read the rest of the series now! 

Book Review: The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr | A Good Hue

Overall, I enjoyed this book– it’s a warmhearted romance story, yet not at all tacky. The Country Guesthouse is an easy and engaging feel-good read and I recommend you pick it up from Amazon for your next read or book club pick! 

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  1. Stephanie Whitman

    Oooh this does sound like a really good book. And as much as it works for curling up during the winter, I think it’d be equally fantastic as a beach read. Great review, as well. I’ll have to add it to my reading list!


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