Must-Have Blue Light Beauty Products to Try

Trend to try: Blue Light Beauty | A Good Hue I love when my beauty products pull double-duty by truly being efficacious but providing other much-needed benefits as well. One of the biggest trends in beauty currently are products that protect against blue light. Continue reading for my top beauty picks and why protecting skin from blue light is so important>> 

Best of Blue Light Beauty | A Good Hue

What is Blue Light?

Blue light, also known as visible light or high-energy visible (HEV) light is all around us– outside, indoors, literally everywhere! While our digital device screens emit blue light, the sun is by far the largest emitter of HEV. Ever wonder why the sky is blue? You can thank HEV light rays for that! 

On the visible light spectrum, red and yellow light rays emit less energy whereas the blue and violet rays have the most energy. The electromagnetic rays just beyond HEV are ultraviolet radiation, which can cause burns to skin and is why we wear SPF. 

You may have heard how our digital devices such as laptops, phones and screens can have damaging effects to our eyes and how blue light blocking glasses can be beneficial in protecting our eyes. But, what about our skin? Studies have found that blue light leads to hyper-pigmentation, redness and like UVA/UVB rays, can lead to premature aging.

We know that wearing products with SPF can protect from UVA and UVB rays but what can we apply to mitigate blue light damage? Here’s a few of my top product picks: 

DermaE Blue Light Shield | A Good Hue

Derma E Blue Light Shield

The  Derma E Blue Light Shield collection is designed to protect against blue light and environmental aggressors with a blend of natural ingredients. The products are enriched with an ingredient called lutein. This ingredient is derived from plants and is rich in antioxidants to help protect the skin. It’s been widely used in eye care products and is now becoming a star ingredient in skin care as well. 

DermaE Blue Light Shield Serum | A Good HueThe Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum contains a blend of the protecting lutein, blue green algae to moisturize, activated charcoal to purify and ginseng root extract to brighten skin. I apply the serum to clean skin before I apply moisturizer. While I do wish the serum was a bit more on the hydrating side, I find that it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I like knowing that I have these ingredients as the first layer of my skincare and makeup routine.

DermaE Blue Light Shield Skincare | A Good Hue

I also tried the Blue Light Shield Spray, which contains the same active ingredients as the serum. This spray can be applied o set makeup or throughout the day as a refresher. Unfortunately my spray nozzle broke after using twice, but it did feel very nice on my skin. I recommend applying as a refresher or even as my last skincare step prior to applying any makeup. I’m planning to transfer to another spritz bottle so I can apply it! 

Physicians Formula Natural Defense Makeup | A Good Hue

Physicians Formula Natural Defense 

There’s not much in terms of makeup for blue light protection but Physicians Formula is changing the game when it comes to total skin protecting makeup. The brand offers not just one product but an entire face collection of products that protect skin from not only blue light but UVA/UVB sun rays and environmental pollutants as well. 

Ingredient actives in each of the products include antioxidant-rich plankton extract, which contains enzymes to protect skin from blue light damage and broad spectrum SPF to protect from UVA/UVB damage to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. The best feature about this collection? It’s super affordable! 

Physicians Formula Natural Defense Foundation & Concealer | A Good Hue

The collection includes the Natural Defense Sheer Line of Defense Foundation SPF 30, which is very lightweight and feels like you are wearing nothing on skin! It offers a buildable light coverage and blends into skin nicely. It provides a blurring effect and has more of a matte finish–  I like to apply over a bit of face oil for a dewier look.

The Natural Defense Total Coverage Concealer SPF 30 offers medium coverage– I actually find it to cover very well. It does dry down to a powder finish and I would say this product is best suited for oilier skin types. 

Physicians Formula Natural Defense Makeup | A Good Hue

Since both the foundation and concealer offer a matte finish, I like to apply the Natural Defense Protect Your Primer Oil SPF 15 to my skin before applying the makeup. This facial oil is very lightweight and gives my skin a pretty, dewy glow. I love that this face oil has SPF– perfect for my no-makeup weekends! I highly recommend this, especially if you are on the hunt for a face oil with added benefits. 

The collection also includes the Natural Defense Setting the Tone Finishing Powder SPF 20, which I apply all over my face to set my makeup. I like that it’s very breathable and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a ton of powder. It has a soft scent which I barely notice when wearing the powder. 

For a pop of color, the collection offers Natural Defense Triple Defense Multicolor Stick SPF 20. It’s safe to say that I am obsessed with these sticks! I typically just apply to my cheeks, but they can also be worn on the lips and eyes. They are a creamy stick that applies easily and blends well into skin; the colors are extremely wearable. I can toss these in my bag to use on-the-go and the cap even clicks into place so it doesn’t open up in my bag (the WORST!). 

Glo Skin Beauty Eye Restore | A Good Hue

Glo Skin Beauty Eye Restore

I’m always a sucker for a good eye cream and lately I’ve been using the Glo Skin Beauty Eye Restore. This restorative eye cream contains an active form of vitamin C that works to protect the skin from damaging blue light. The eye cream also contains antioxidants, skin strengthening peptides, and actives to hydrate, tighten, smooth and revive tired, puffy eyes. 

I find this eye cream to be very gentle on skin, I love how hydrating it feels when applied. I love keeping my eye creams in my skincare fridge for a cooling effect, which helps to minimize any puffiness. 

Glo Skin Beauty Eye Restore Review | A Good Hue

Aside from beauty products, what else can you do to protect your skin from blue light? Limit your screen time, dim your lights (use night mode!) or even use a blue light screen protector. 

Have you incorporated any blue light protecting products into your skincare or makeup routine? Tell me which ones in the comments! 

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 I received products complimentary for review purposes, however all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links in which I make a small commission. Thank you for supporting A Good Hue! 

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  1. Stephanie Whitman

    Okay, but Physicians Formula is seriously stepping up their game in EVERY way possible. I gotta try this line. I didn’t even know it existed! You shared so many awesome products here!

  2. Whitney

    I need to get these blue light glasses ASAP! It would definitely help me from being kept awake at night after I’ve been on my laptop late.


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