Quarantine Reading: 5 Books I Recently Read

Quarantine Reading: List | A Good Hue

One positive aspect of #quarantining has been the increased time for reading. I’ve been working my way through my book list fairly quickly… no complaints there! Read on for my reviews on five books from my quarantine reading list>> 

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid- Review | A Good Hue    

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Such A Fun Age was a popular pick in Reese Witherspoon’s book club as well as a couple of my Facebook book clubs so I just had to check it out. Emira, a young 20-something babysitter, is confronted by a security guard at a grocery store one evening while watching the Chamberlains little girl. The issue? Emira is black and her charge is white and the guard believes Emira may have kidnapped her. After everything is sorted out, ultra-ambitious Alix Chamberlain vows to make it up to Emira, however Emira is wary of Alix’s intentions.

Aside from race, this book explores themes of classism and feminism. While written in a light-hearted way with relatable characters, it does invoke some serious thought. Overall, I enjoyed the book as the story flowed well, character development was good and it was a thought-provoking read. A solid 4 star read. 


Followers by Megan Angelo -Review | A Good Hue

Followers by Megan Angelo

Followers begins in present day with with NYC writer Orla covering the latest gossip on movie stars and the hottest influencers. Her roommate, Floss, is a wannabe A-list influencer and together Orla and Floss come up with a plan to make Floss social media famous.

The book switches to 35 years later to Marlow, the daughter of Floss living in a closed government-run California village (think Truman Show) where everything she does is on camera for the enjoyment of her 12 million followers and benefit of her corporate sponsors, her biggest being a pharmaceutical drug similar to an anti-depressant. Marlow finds out some shocking news about her family and runs away to NYC to uncover the truths. 

Working in social media and the influencer space, I was hoping to like this a lot more than I did. The storyline and continued references to ‘the spill’ felt tired after awhile. A few of the characters were envoking some major eye rolls from me and I also felt the latter portion and ending was rushed. That being said, I think it’s an interesting take on the obsession with social fame and what it could lead to. I would give this book 3 stars. 

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher Review | A Good Hue

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

In the psychological thriller genre, The Wives will have you on the edge at each page. The story is narrated by Thursday, whose perfect husband Seth has just one flaw– he has two other wives that he see’s during the week except the one night he’s with Thursday. As unconventional as it is, she accepts it since she’s so in love with Seth. She has never met these wives or knows much about them, except that one is pregnant. Thursday, unable to have children due to complications from a miscarriage.

One day, she comes across a scrap of paper with the name of one of the wives (Hannah) and starts looking into her and even starts befriending her. During a dinner with Hannah, Thursday notices a bruise… did Seth do this to Hannah? Thursday starts questioning if she really knows her husband at all. 

This book’s reviews vary– some hate it, some love it. I’m on the latter side, I was riveted & thought it had a good twist. In all honesty, the ending had me like, what. the. actual. fuck. Pour a glass of wine and get into this, definitely giving this one 4 stars! 


Husband Material by Emily Belden Review | A Good Hue

Husband Material by Emily Belden

Staying within the matrimonial theme, if you’re looking for something a bit more lighthearted, Husband Material is a must. It’s a rom-com with a slightly somber premise– main character Charlotte is a widow at just 29. Ever since losing her husband five years prior, Charlotte has done her best to move forward with her new life– taking a job as a social data cruncher at a top influencer agency, a new LA apartment with a quirky goth roomie, and an adorable Frenchie named Leno. 

Out of nowhere, her late husbands ashes turn up on her doorstep and Charlotte must deal with all that comes along with them– memories, grief, putting up with her pretentious mother-in-law, connecting with her husband’s best friend and learning a shocking secret from her husband’s past. 

This book has it all– great characters, romance, snark and even fake Birkens. I thought the book was cute, enjoyable and an easy read– 4 stars! 


Open Book by Jessica Simpson Review | A Good Hue

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

I’ve been a fan of Jessica Simpson when she first came on the scene back when I was a teen.  Her voice is extraordinary! I had heard good things (juicy things!) about her new memoir, Open Book and was ecstatic when I was able to get a digital copy from the library. 

I had just finished part one when my library copy expired. I’m currently on hold waiting to finish and cannot wait! In fact, I’ll probably just pick up a copy this weekend. The media has often portrayed her as a ditz and this book proves that is so not the case. It’s filled with insightful anecdotes, humor, honesty and is once I’m looking forward to getting back into. I rarely, if never, read memoirs but this one has me hooked. 

Next up on my list: In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Have you read any of these books on this quarantine reading list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


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