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Must-Have Pick Me Up's for Spring with Babbleboxx | A Good Hue

I think it’s a fair assessment to say that spring 2020 didn’t go the way anyone planned. I’ve definitely learned to be grateful for what I have– my job, a home, my health and my family. With that said, I can also appreciate some items and products to help boost my mood and give me a little pick me up. Some spring must haves are very much appreciated to help me make the most of the season! 

Read on for some products I had the pleasure of trying out and my review on each below>>

Cute Spring Footwear

REEF Cushion Sol Sandals | A Good Hue

When warmer weather rolls around, I can’t wait to get out of socks and shoes and opt for cute sandals and slide-ons instead. REEF is known for having comfortable sandals and the Cushion Sols are no exception. The footbed is cushion-y so I can wear these all day long and the t-strap is super stylish. These sandals are perfect to wear with cute dresses or shorts! Aside from white, this sandal is offered in a variety of colors and is made from vegan leather.  

REEF Escape Mule TX | A Good Hue

I’m also loving the REEF Escape Mule TX, which I’m wearing above. They have a chic espadrille-like detailing and the pattern is so fun and perfect for spring and summer. These mules offer arch support so my feet stay comfortable all day– I’ve actually been wearing these around the house they are so comfy! Both pairs are a spring essential for your warm-weather looks and outfits! 

Radiant Skin

Vichy LiftActiv Peptide-C Ampoules | A Good Hue

Being home more has given me more time to devote to my skincare routine– glowing skin is a must! I’m excited to incorporate Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoules into my routine. This product is an ampoule serum, vials containing 10% pure vitamin C to brighten skin. The formula contains only 10 ingredients, including natural origin hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plant-based phyto peptides to restore collagen and reduce signs of aging. Oh, and of course Vichy’s exclusive mineralizing water! 

Skincare Pick Me Up's for Radiant Skin | A Good Hue

I haven’t been using them long enough to see long-term results but they do help my skin feel more hydrated and gives a brightened, more radiant look. Having glowing skin is definitely a pick me up! The anti-aging ampoule serum is perfect to pair with other Vichy products (see my review of the LiftActiv Peptide-C Sunscreen) and other products in your skin routine. 

Blue Light Protection

Zenni Blokz Blue Light Blocker Glasses | A Good Hue

I’ve been working from home for the past two months now and since I’m in front of a computer screen most of the day, my eyes can start feeling tired quickly. I’ve been wearing a pair of glasses with Zenni Blokz blue light lenses to help keep my eyes protected. Blue light is emitted from digital devices including computers, mobile phones and even TV’s and can irritate eyes. 

Zenni Blue Light Glasses | A Good Hue

How cute are these light purple cat eye oval glasses? I’m wearing them now as I type this post out! Zenni offers SO many frame styles- thousands!- including sunglasses, prescription glasses and blue light glasses starting as low as $6.95. Each pair of Zenni eyewear features their exclusive Blokz blue blocker lenses. 

CBD Pick Me Up 

Infinite CBD Spring Pick Me Up's | A Good Hue

Another pick me up I’ve been into lately? CBD! CBD is short for cannabidiol & is an active found in cannabis derived from hemp. Infinite CBD provided some yummy CBD gummies and a hand sanitizer for me to try. 

Infinite CBD Gummies Review | A Good Hue

The Astroid Gummies are delicious and the perfect snack! They are vegan and offer 25mg of pure CBD isolate. I especially love the Sour Astroid Gummies that give a perfect blend of puckering sour and then sweetness. 

Infinite CBD Gummies | A Good Hue

Infinite CBD Hand Sanitizer | A Good Hue

I’ve also been using their CBD Nano Hand Sanitizer with a fresh lemon scent to keep my hands clean on-the-go. Keep those hands clean, ya’all! With lemon essential oil and nano CBD, the hand sanitizer protects my skin from germs while also keeping my skin nourished and hydrated. 

Get 20% off your purchase from Infinite CBD when you use my link! 

Drink in Style

Swig Life Can Cooler & Wine Cup | A Good Hue

I love chilling out in the backyard and having a cold drink but hate when it gets warm before I can finish it… anyone relate? These drink coolers from Swig Life have been a total drink saver! 

The Swig Life Can Cooler is perfect for keeping slim canned drinks cool with triple insulation technology– up to 12 hours! Plus, how sweet is the design? The top twists on and off to keep cans in place so you don’t have to worry about your can slipping out.

Swig Life Stemless Wine Cup | A Good Hue

The Swig Life wine tumbler is definitely a must-have for me as it is perfect for holding wine, cocktails or whatever I’m drinking while sitting poolside or outside catching some sun. This tumbler keeps drinks cold for up to 9 hours with triple insulation technology– amazing!

The designs are super cute and both Swig Life cups are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Check out all their designs and get 10% off your Swig Life purchase when you use my link.    

  A Fresh Spring Look

Fresh Fair Trade Makeup with Erin's Faces | A Good Hue

Getting new makeup is one of my favorite pick me ups– I love trying new beauty! Erin’s Faces is a new to me brand that offers cruelty-free makeup and skincare. The products often include certified organic, vegan and fair-trade ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re using on your face. 

Erin's Faces Tinted Lip Balm | A Good Hue

The Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm in Flushed is a hydrating lip balm that imparts just a subtle tint of strawberry red color to lips. The balm contains organic castor seed oil and organic beeswax to nourish lips and organic fair trade cocoa seed butter for easy application. The balm has a slight vanilla peppermint flavor but is not too overpowering.

I love how this balm feels on my lips– it’s super hydrating which is a must since my lips are always dry. This balm is perfect for days you want a hint of color! 

Erin's Faces Matcha Mascara | A Good Hue

I also had the pleasure of trying the Matcha Mascara, which contains… you guessed it… matcha! The organic matcha helps to strengthen lashes and beta carotene to encourage lash growth. The mascara also contains plant-based fibers to help lengthen lashes. 

I like that the wand has an hourglass-shaped brush which makes it easy to apply and amplify lashes. The mascara volumizes and lengthens my lashes– love! All the ingredients in these products are good for you… plus the packaging is recyclable. 

You can shop these products are erinsfaces.com and use code SPRINGTIME10 to save 10% now until May 31! 

At-Home Mani

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer- Hello Pretty | A Good Hue

A relaxing mani/pedi and fresh nails are always a great pick me up! OPI Nail Lacquers are some of my favorite nail polishes and are a must when giving myself an at-home manicure or pedicure. I love that the fast-drying formulas are thicker and more durable than other nail polishes. The brand always has beautiful colors and finishes.

The deep purple nail lacquer shade I received (Hello Pretty from OPI’s Hello Kitty collection) to review isn’t one I would typically wear. However, it would be fun for a fun pop of color on my toes for the spring and summer months!     Must-Have Pick Me Up's for Spring with Babbleboxx | A Good Hue 

I hope you enjoyed my review on each of these products! Have you tried any of the spring pick me up products listed here? Which product would you most want to try? Let me know what you think! 


14 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Must Have’s for Spring with Babbleboxx

  1. Stephanie

    I’m all about the blue light glasses and CBD gummies. And those drink tumblers are really cool too! So many fun, summery products to enjoy!

  2. Adaleta Avdic

    These boxes are so good nowadays, and there’s so many goodies that I want to try. The wine and coffee mug is super cute with the tie dye colorful rainbow. So fun. I’ve never heard of Erin’s Faces either, so I’ll have to look them up a bit more now!

  3. Alix Maza

    Hah.. spring 2020 has been…interesting. Thanks to the stay at home order, I’m pretty much always on the computer so my blue light/reader glasses are AWESOME! That Swig Life container is sooo cute.

  4. Yukti Agrawal

    I lovedd your Babbleboxx collection and all look good for spring. I never subscribed for it but now go for it after reading your positive reviews.


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