Awake Beauty Skincare Review

Review: Awake Beauty Skincare | A Good Hue

Is there anything better than that well-rested feeling? You feel amazingly refreshed, skin looks great and you are ready to take on the day. Awake Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics’ sister brand, seeks to do just that! This unique skincare line is packed with ingredients rich in antioxidants to rejuvenate and ‘awaken’ skin.

This week, I’m sharing my thoughts on a few of Awake Beauty products. Keep reading to find out what products in the collection I’m loving and what I’m skipping>> 

Spritz, Spritz

Dream Mist Pillow Spray | A Good Hue

Let’s start with one of my favorite products from this line, their Dream Mist Pillow Spray. I love spritizing my pillow and sheets with this spray before bed! The scent is soft and not overwhelming. This calming spray includes essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, rose geranium, patchouli and more. It smells SO good and helps calm my mind and body before going to sleepyland. 

Awake Beauty Dream Mist Pillow Spray Review | A Good Hue

Speaking of bedding, I use the Awake Beauty Vegan Pillowcase and what a difference they make! Similar to silk, these pillowcases help to protect my skin and hair while sleeping. I wake up with my hair feeling soft and not tangled. It’s made with synthetic material that feels similar to silk. I’ve had mine for several months and wash them weekly– they hold up great!

These pillowcases are on the pricier side ($40 each) but still less expensive than silk versions. If you’ve been searching for an alternative to silk pillowcases, these are the way to go! 

10+ Super Juice Refreshing Mist | A Good Hue

To be honest, when I first tried the 10+ Super Juice Refreshing Mist, I thought I was going to hate it. I thought it would be too sweet and fruity for a facial mist. I’m happy to admit that I was SO wrong- I love it! 

10+ Super Juice Refreshing Mist | A Good Hue

This fine mist spray contains 10+ real fruit extracts including watermelon, orange, lemon, grapefruit, melon, cucumber, raspberry, coconut, lentil, & vanilla. Okay so a few aren’t actually fruits but still!, all good. The mist is super refreshing and has a yummy watermelon scent! It also contains antioxidant-rich apple extract and caffeine to help wake up skin. It’s been perfect to use during hot summer months! 

Skin Hydrators 

Awake Beauty Glow Pill Super Serum | A Good Hue

Can we get some packaging love for the Glow Pill Super Serum?! I love the sleek design with the glass bottle and cute pink cap! This serum is designed to balance skin and includes niacinamide to brighten skin along with vitamins B3 and B5 to smooth and soften skin. For me, it’s not hydrating enough for my drier skin, however I think it would work well for those with oilier skin.

It is pricey at $39, one of Awake Beauty’s more pricier products. Unfortunately for me, it’s not a serum I find myself reaching for. I recently shared my favorite face serums

Sleep Retreat Overnight Oil Gel | A Good Hue

Another product that I don’t think is right for my skin is the Sleep Retreat Overnight Oil Gel. This oil gel mask is designed to be worn overnight while you sleep to let all the ingredient goodness seep into skin. Key ingredients include green tea and cucumber extract, along with 20+ other botanical ingredients to calm and deeply hydrate skin. 

Personally, I am not a fan of gel products and this didn’t hydrate my skin enough. This product would best be suited for those with normal or combination skin. 

Lip Love

Moisture Balm Daytime Lip Mask | A Good Hue

Lips need love too, right? Awake Beauty offers two lip masks to hydrate and replenish lips. Give me all the lip masks! For day, the Moisture Balm Daytime Lip Mask provides lips with some serious moisturization. It boasts an oil blend including olive, argan, rosehip and raspberry seed oils. I love how soft my lips feel while wearing it, plus it has a juicy watermelon flavor and gives a slight pinkish tint to lips. 

Awake Beauty Lip Therapy Lip Mask | A Good Hue

For night, I apply the Lip Therapy Lip Mask, which has the same oil blend as the daytime mask but in a thicker concentration. The lip mask is luxe and keeps my lips hydrated all night long! The result is a super smooth and soft pout when I wake up in the morning. 

Snag the All day, All night Lip Mask Duo to get both of these lip masks for just $15! 

Awake Beauty Skincare Review | A Good Hue

The Awake skincare collection is vegan, cruelty-free and is exclusively available at ULTA Beauty. Be sure to check out ULTA’s 21 days of beauty offers– there are different deals each day! 

What would you most like to try from this line? 

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I received products complimentary for review purposes; all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links in which I make a small commission. Thank you for supporting A Good Hue! 

12 thoughts on “Awake Beauty Skincare Review

  1. Jennifer Prince

    The branding is so pretty! I like that you gave an honest review of the serum, too. Finding one can be tricky!

  2. Molly

    I don’t think I’ve heard of this brand before now. Their packaging is adorable! I may have to try a couple of these, my skin needs some serious TLC these days.

  3. Stephanie

    The packaging alone has me wanting to try these cute products! They sound really fun and I love that they have a lot of natural ingredients that truly help skin in the best ways possible. Plus the scents sound totally yummy!


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