Review: Pixi Beauty +C VIT Collection

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Review: Pixi Beauty +C VIT Collection | A Good Hue


Dull winter skin is no joke and I for one will soon be breaking out all my hydrating and glow-inducing makeup and skincare products. I’ve shared many of my Pixi Beauty must-haves and recently had the opportunity to review their new +C VIT collection. All items in this collection are formulated with… you guessed it… vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is absolutely wonderful for the skin and helps restore radiance. It is also an antioxidant, meaning that it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals often caused by sun exposure. This great-for-skin ingredient can also help to lighten dark spots and even out skin tone. Keep reading for my review on the Pixi Beauty +C VIT collection and what I’m loving… and not loving so much>> 



Brighten Up! 

Pixi Beauty +C VIT Priming Oil | A Good Hue Blog

First up is the +C VIT Priming Oil, which nourishes and preps skin for makeup. What exactly is a priming oil– is it skincare or makeup?  A bit of both actually! The priming oil is very lightweight and has skin nourishing ingredients. The priming oil is not treatment-based like most other facial oils. It contains dimethicone, a silicon-based ingredient used to smooth skin and often found in other face primers.

This Pixi Beauty priming oil also contains brightening vitamin C, antioxidant-rich turmeric and replenishing carrot oil. It is very light on the skin and absorbs quickly! I like that it gives my skin a brightening boost plus extra hydration. The priming oil wears nicely under foundation/concealer and does not make my skin look oily at all. I would recommend this for drier skin types that need extra hydration under makeup. 

Pixi +C VIT Collection Review | A Good Hue Blog

If you are looking to brighten skin while softening lines and giving skin a perfected finish, the +C VIT Brightening Perfector is a must! I really like how this product slightly blurs and evens out the skin while adding radiance. The perfector contains vitamin C, ferulic acid for an antioxidant boost and licorice to even the skin. I can wear this underneath foundation or just on it’s own.

Another product I am loving from this collection is the Pixi Beauty +C VIT UnderEye Brightener. This eye brightener instantly brightens and refreshes eyes– no joke! It has a peach color to counteract any dark circles making eyes appear brighter. I like to use underneath concealer to give eyes and instant pick-me-up! The brightener contains vitamin C, ferulic acid, licorice and caffeine to help de-puff eyes. If you need some extra help for those dark under eyes, definitely give this a try! 

Lip Brightener
Pixi Beauty +C VIT Lip Brightener | A Good Hue Blog

The Pixi Beauty +C VIT Lip Brightener is a cool concept. This tinted lip balm is infused with vitamin C to brighten and help promote collagen production so lips look more luscious. It also contains nourishing jojoba seed oil and vitamin E to hydrate lips. The balm is comfortable and gives lips a nice sheen and hint of peach-pink color. 

While I do like how soft and hydrated this makes my lips feel, I personally would not re-purchase. I have more affordable products that offer similar benefits. 

Pixi Beauty +C VIT Collection Review | A Good Hue BlogOverall I am impressed with this collection. Pixi Beauty always hits it out of the park with their collections and products! I would love to try the +C Vit Glow-y Powder (not included in my review package unfortunately) as it sounds like it would be up my alley as well. 

Shop these products directly through or at Target. Which of these products would you most want to try? Tell me in the comments! 

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8 thoughts on “Review: Pixi Beauty +C VIT Collection

  1. Jennifer Prince

    I didn’t realize there was a priming oil. So cool! I love the lip brightener, too. It looks so fun to try!

  2. Melissa

    This was good to know! I’m constantly trying new products for my lips and I thought that the lip brightener would be good for chapped lips, but it feels like it mostly gives you just a nice shimmer.

  3. Deborah

    Ooh, I’ve had my eye on that lip brightener but it’s a shame that it wasn’t all that’s cracked up to be. Everything else in that line sounds lovely though!

  4. Stephanie

    I’ve been meaning to add more vitamin c to my skincare routine for YEARS and this line sounds like the perfect way to do so, while also getting the added benefit of products that help with my makeup in some way. Great way to make simple makeup easy – which is what I need right now considering I rarely wear it anymore!


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