Top 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2021

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Top 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2021 | A Good Hue Blog

At the beginning of each year I outline my goals for the year. These goals typically include exercising more, saving money, eating better, and so on. You can read about my past goals and goal setting tips. This being a blog that focuses on beauty, I wanted to share a few of my top beauty resolutions for 2021. 

Keep reading for a list of my beauty resolutions and product picks for this coming year>> 

Brow Makeup Favorites | A Good Hue

1. Better Brows

I’ll admit, I have been horrible at keeping my brows shaped and kept up this past year. I really started taking having my brows professionally shaped for granted. My goal for 2021 is to step my brow game up- get those stray hairs plucked and cleaned up and keep my brows groomed. Here’s some of my go-to brow products:


Goal: Drink More Water | A Good Hue

2. Stay Hydrated

Why is drinking water so hard?!? When I’m at the office I easily find myself drinking water throughout the afternoon. Now that I work from home part of the week, I’ve definitely let this habit slip. Personally I have noticed the different drinking water makes in my skin– it looks more glowy, hydrated and looks more healthy. Water has SO many health benefits from improving skin tone, preventing acne, reducing puffiness, keeping skin tight and more. You will definitely be finding me with a water bottle in my hand more often than not! Looking for a fab new sipper? Try one of these bottles: 


Self-Care Beauty Goals | A Good Hue

3. Make Self-Care a Priority

While I had more time for self-care in 2020, I didn’t always take it. I’m vowing to make #selfcaresunday (or any day) more of a priority this year. That means more mani/pedis, self-foot massages, skin treatments, and making more time for my beauty self-care and wellness routines.

What are your go-to beauty self-care activities? 

Clean Beauty | A Good Hue 

4. Clean Up My Beauty Bag

This year I am putting a bigger priority on using products with clean ingredients and that are more eco-friendly. Luckily more and more brands are clueing in to their customers’ want of clean beauty products. They have been putting an emphasis on their ingredients and offering recyclable packaging for the more conscious consumer. Here are some of my top clean beauty product picks: 


Beauty Resolutions: Makeup Favorites | A Good Hue

5. Have Fun with Makeup… Again

This past year I’ve gotten really lazy with makeup. I mean, I wasn’t going anywhere so why put any on? This year, I want to get back into creating eye looks, trying different lip colors and having fun trying new products and looks.  Below are some newly launched makeup products that are worth checking out:


What are some of your 2021 beauty resolutions? 


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